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    Next generation Aston Martin - DB5


    . Astons baby caught on test
    . From concept Vantage V8 to production DB5

    WHAT HAD BEEN shown as a concept at this year's Detroit Motor Show, is now put through its paces to become the smallest and cheapest Aston Martin in the company's history: the V8 Vantage, code-named AM 305, is currently undergoing cold-weather testing in northern Sweden.

    Although the coupé might be Aston Martin's most affordable model ever, it is still not a cheap thing but a serious competitor against the smaller Ferraris and the Porsche Turbo. In any case, it will retain the typical design of the marque, again penned by Aston's in-house design-team lead by Ian Callum.

    Powered by a 4.3-litre supercharged V8 engine, the car is likely to develop more than 450 HP. That in combination with its lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium construction will lead to breathtaking performance. The sprint from standstill to 100 km/h won't even take five seconds... The car will be rear-wheel driven and the chassis is said to be very refined to take on two of the best-handling road cars around: the Ferrari 360 and Porsche 911.

    Buyers will have the choice between two transmissions: a sequential automatic similar to that of the Vanquish and a conventional six-speed manual box. Due to be launched in 2005, the two-seater coupé from Newport Pagnell in the United Kingdom will cost around 110,000 Euros. Aston Martin says it has the capacity to build around 2,000 units per year which would make the AM305 the fastest-selling model of the company of all times. The official name for the new car is likely to be DB 5.

    . 4.3-litre V8
    . supercharged
    . V8 engine,
    . More than 450 HP
    . 0-100: Less than 5 sec.
    . Around 110,000 Euros

    I love this car!!!

    Thanks Ron,
    Great article.
    A couple of points though.
    First about the designer of the car, I thought Callum now worked for Jaguar and that the AM V8 Vantage was designed by Fisker?
    And second point, I read that one from the Figaro newspaper,
    They testdrove the DB7 GT followed by a short interview of AM CEO Dr Ulrich Bez,
    When asked about the name of the AMV8Vantage, Dr Bez answered:
    "The concept name of the V12 car was AMV12Vanquish, and its name is now Vanquish, the name of our new concept is AMV8Vantage, does that answer your question?"
    So that suggests the name would be Vantage no?
    I find that a bit weird though since Vantage has always been the name of the super performance special edition vehicles?
    Time will tell.
    But if I'm not convinced by the 997, this could well be the choice!
    It is so beautiful!!!
    Again, last night, was walking home and a Vanquish drove past me, what a line, WHAT A NOISE!!!
    I always wondered, how the hell did AM managed to go through the noise regulation tests??? That car makes almost as much noise as Porsche sport exhaust for the 996 although, much better;)

    Re: I love this car!!!

    Very interesting. I thought they were going to offer both the supercharged and naturally aspirated versions, the former to be the Vantage version to be released later on. If the car comes out with 450hp, I would be amazed. I was figuring 370hp considering it's relatively low 1500kg weight.

    And yes, Fisker led the design team, not Callum.

    My color will be Vantage Blue

    Re: I love this car!!!

    i absolutely agree -- the vanquish's exhaust sound is A W E S O M E !! two weeks ago a vanquish drove past me at a street corner, massively accelerating!! the sound was just... well, it was cool.

    Wow Ron...'re doing such a great job lately, thanks a lot.

    Re: Wow Ron...

    You are right RC, damn are really on your game. And I though I had the "inside" connections to get all the cool scoops!

    Question...Ron are those second set of photos the production DB-5?? If so that is one looker! WOW...I sure hope Porsche's 997 can counter that. If not, I will be running for cover with my tale between my legs in the near future since I am such a die hard Porsche nut. Ouch! Those British are coming along!

    Look comes Aston!

    Thank you guys, no more flowers

    Thank RC and rludlow, I guess that is what happens when your baby's sleep schedule gets messed up. Daddy stays up till 3 in the morning digging through the Internet so mommy can take a break

    I personally like the AMV8 and very tempted to put a deposit down for it. But I'm torn because I'm a Porsche man and I'm hoping that 997 won't be a disappointing product.

    And now answer to rludlow's question on DB5. The DB5 picture looks like a disguised AMV8 to me. I'm not an Aston man by any means but I'm confused here, is DB5 a different product than the AMV8?

    Re: Thank you guys, no more flowers

    They are merely speculating that this car will be called the DB5. Honestly, they don't really know. This car and the AMV8 are the same thing. Also, I would guess that the high performance version of this car will have the supercharged V-8 and the regular version will have an N/A V8.

    Brief roadmap for Aston:
    - V12 Vanquish remains top of the line model, will get a bump in horsepower down the road (above 500hp).
    - AMV8 (this model) becomes the entry model, appealing to high end 911 customers and sports car lovers. The closest thing to a true sports car that Aston makes.
    - Next DB7 grows larger inside, for practical rear seats. The true GT of the Aston lineup, think Ferrari 456 (though not as expensive).



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