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    Techart muffler is falling off from my car

    Ok here is the story.

    I bought the Techart muffler 3-4 months ago and I really love it. Today, after 6350 miles, the exhaust fell off. I went to school in the morning and the exhaust was still hanging perfectly. I drove to school with max speed 80mph and I parked the car in school. I went back to my car, exhaust was still there and nothing was broken. I went back home, which is less than 2 miles away and I stopped by in the local Shell gas station. I filled in the gas and I looked at the exhaust, it was hanging very low. Thank God it did not hit the ground. I called the place where I installed it, KTR Performance, he told me to look at the exhaust and check whether the hanger is loose or broken. I called my good friend TCM and he told me to do the same. The tech from KTR can only come over to my place tomorrow morning. So I decided to go to the dealer, dealer was packed and can't put my car on the lift until tomorrow. I went to another shop called Autodesignhaus. The owner was very nice to me, he put it on a lift and looked at it. The hanger welded to the muffler is broken, it goes into two pieces. I can't believe it, I paid almost 4 grand for the exhaust and it broke after 6350 miles? Thank God I bought the muffler from my good friend Arling and he is taking care of it. Thanks to Jamy for following me from the gas station to the shop. The exhaust was bouncing when I drove it Autodesignhaus put a wire to hang it temporarily. Hopefully this problem can be solved because I can't drive my car now.

    We'll see what Techart will do, I can't believe this build quality

    Re: Techart muffler is falling off from my car

    Sorry to hear about your problem Deetz.

    Hope they can get it right for you. I agree about the build quality. If this is a manufacturing defect, that's just unacceptable at that price.

    Good luck!

    Re: Techart muffler is falling off from my car

    You should learn to read between the lines, DEETZ.
    I had Techart springs installed on my former 996 Turbo once.
    They almost killed me because the front suspension dived in too much and the tires lost grip. I don't know what happened, Techart claimed by that time that everything is OK. After that, they tried to convince my dealer that I need Techart swaybars with those springs (they never said that before). I went for the swaybars and a couple of days later, one of the swaybars was bent! They took back the swaybars but I couldn't return the springs. Afterwards I went for a H&R coilover kit and I was pretty happy.

    For me personally, never again Techart.

    Re: Techart muffler is falling off from my car

    the only 'big tuner' that i havent heard bad things about is RUF

    what do you think of them RC, besides being overpriced, i mean in terms of quality

    Re: Techart muffler is falling off from my car

    I thought Techart product was better than Gembella. May be not.

    Re: Techart muffler is falling off from my car

    Chris Lo said:
    I thought Techart product was better than Gembella. May be not.

    Maybe their products dealing with style and what not

    Re: Techart muffler is falling off from my car

    Deetz: Ask them to drill a small hole at the base of the hanger where it meets the muffler and to safety wire the muffle to the support IN ADDITION to welding on new hangers. I have had hangers break twice on my Dodge pickup, just from the stress of bouncing the weight of the exhaust. Agreed, however, that more would be expected of Techart.

    Re: Techart muffler is falling off from my car

    The exhaust went into two pieces on Monday, I called my friend Arling (I bought it from him) and it was still early in the morning in LA (9am) and he was ready to help me I sent him photos at 8pm ET and LA is 3 hours before us. Guess what? a new shipment of exhaust is in UPS on Tuesday noon. I can't believe it... he is a great guy to deal with I hope the new one does not break again and is louder

    Re: Techart muffler is falling off from my car

    Moogle said:
    the only 'big tuner' that i havent heard bad things about is RUF

    what do you think of them RC, besides being overpriced, i mean in terms of quality

    Alois Ruf is somebody who knows how to care about his customers. I suppose in a case of a problem, he would take care personally that the customer is satisfied.
    But of course this is only an assumption, I never heard too much about him and customer relationship.

    What bothers me a little bit with RUF is the fact that he's only "cooking with water" as we say here in Germany but a lot of people worldwide think that he is the Porsche god. A lot of people also think that Ruf is working hand in hand with Porsche but the reality is completely the other way around...if you understand what I want to say.
    His charisma, his Porsche past and his reputation especially in the US, makes it very easy for Ruf to sell his products. But he is a bit pricey and he does a lot of mods which I somehow still fail to understand.

    From my past experience with lots of Tuners and mods, I would always go for factory suspension setups and tire recommendations ONLY. I would also avoid engine mods which are done by companies who claim they're not detectable.
    And I would avoid engine mods on normally aspirated engines.

    To recommend a Tuner is very difficult right now. I always liked RS-Tuning's engine work because they also race those engines and what some people might not know: Reinhold Schmirler, the "brain" of RS-Tuning, worked for RUF.
    But unfortunately there is also his brother who doesn't really know how to treat customers when problems arise.

    I learned my lessons with Tuners, no thanks.



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