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    Side Marker Question

    I just replaced my side markers with clear ones (I'll post pics later) - and I just wanted to know since I haven't noticed....are the side markers supposed to go off when switching lanes? Right now they go on when the parking lights are on or headlights...



    Re: Side Marker Question

    no they do not have signal lights as stock
    i believe there is a hack to activate this feature by running a wire from the headlights



    Re: Side Marker Question

    I just did mine and had a similar question. They go on with the headlights or parking lights. They don't work with the turn signals, although someone on PPBB posted a hack if you want to convert them.

    Re: Side Marker Question

    I did something similar on a Volvo - wiring it to the headlights, how difficult is this on a Boxster?

    Re: Side Marker Question


    The Euro Side Marker hack is relatively simple. I'd rate it a 3. Basically, you cut the Ground Wire (Brown) at each of the Side Marker Sockets. Then you splice a 3' length of 20AWG Wire to the socket Ground (not the one leading to the interior.

    Next, you remove the side panels in the Front Boot and the Side Covers over the Brake Reservoir and Passenger side one too. You pass the wire from the Side Marker through the Grommet used for the Headlight Wiring Harness and route the wire to the Firewall on each side next to the Large Electrical Connector on either side of the Front Boot (These are connectors X1/1 (Lt.) and X1/2 (Rt.).

    You splice the left side wire into the BLACK/WHITE wire on Connector X1/1 and the right side wire into the BLACK/GREEN wire on Conector X1/2.

    Of course, you should disconnect the Battery (be sure you have the Radio Code before you do) and remove the Headlights so you can route the wiring (this is very easy using an 8mm Nut Driver inserted through the Grommet. Once done, check everything, reinstall each headlight - push the pod into place and counter-rotate the 8mm Nutdriver until you hear a very loud click (you'll think something broke, but don't worry). Replace all the Front Boot Trim and Voila'! The Side Markers will now blink in Sync to the Front Turn Indicator when the Headlights are Off, and will blink in Opposition to the Front Turn Indicator when the Headlights are On. With Headlights ON but no turn signalled, the Side Markers will just light Steady. One caveat, a burned out Side Marker Lamp will not disable the system in any way, but it will not cause the Dash Turn Indicator to Blink faster as a Front/Rear Turn Indicator would. It's easy and looks great!

    Happy Motoring!... Jim'99



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