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    PSM failure and battery died

    I was travelling for 3 weeks and returned to a dead battery. Got the battery recharged and fired up the car and now i am getting a PSM failure. Any ideas ????

    Re: PSM failure and battery died

    I would contact your dealer , something could need a reboot ..


    Re: PSM failure and battery died

    disconnect the battery ...wait 10 minuts and reconnect ......u reset the software and i hope that ur psm rebirths

    Re: PSM failure and battery died

    Check manual under replacing a dead battery. I remember it saying something like "turn wheel as if steering side to side while stopped. Then drive in a straight line," the light should go out and reset itself.

    If that doesn't work you have to go back to dealer for a reset.

    Re: PSM failure and battery died

    drive the car for a couple of hundert meters...
    it will be ok!

    Re: PSM failure and battery died

    try out Sergini's suggestion... you'll get a PSM failure warning immd. after you reconnect the batt., but warning will go off very shortly after you drive it (as MMD's post).

    Re: PSM failure and battery died

    When all else fails RTFM!

    Putting vehicle into operation
    After the battery is connected or after an exhaustively
    discharged battery is charged, the multifunctional
    PSM light lights up on the instrument
    panel and a message appears on the on-board
    computer to indicate a fault.

    This fault can be remedied with a few simple

    1. Start the engine.

    2. With the vehicle stationary, perform a few
    steering movements to the left and right and
    then drive a short distance in a straight line
    until the multifunctinal PSM light goes out and
    the message on the on-board computer

    3. If the warnings do not disappear, then:
    Drive carefully to the nearest authorized
    Porsche dealer. Have the fault remedied.

    4. After the warnings disappear:
    Stop the vehicle in a suitable place.
    f Perform adaptation of the power windows:
    Please observe the chapter "STORING END

    Re: PSM failure and battery died

    Wow this is a lot to do for a dead battery. What ever happen to the days when you could go to AutoZone and buy a battery, put it in your car, and drive home.

    Re: PSM failure and battery died

    bstew said:
    Wow this is a lot to do for a dead battery. What ever happen to the days when you could go to AutoZone and buy a battery, put it in your car, and drive home.

    LOL! Yeah, I think about setting the gap for the points as the Golden Age. "Dealer service? What's Dealer service?"

    Re: PSM failure and battery died

    Providing your battery is not completely dead all you need to do to avoid this problem (and others) is to backfeed 12V into the electrical system. You can do this by plugging in the Porsche battery maintainer into the cig. lighter or hooking an aux 12V battery to the emergency 12V power feed in the fuse box under the dash while changing the battery.

    *** Do Not Let The Positive Battery Cable Touch A Ground On The Chasis ***

    Another advantage of doing this is you will not lose any of your radio, memory or other PCM settings. If you have a 996 you won't have to re-enter your radio security code either.



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