"The R costs the same as the RS and is not badly outclassed by it (just has different priorities)."

That is the point. The original "R" was a race car, stripped like crazy to save weight, and engaged in various racing activity. That one was certainly quicker than stock car. 

The new "R" is nowhere near  a racing car, and that's a shame and a blame for Porsche. Different priorities...for snob client that don't race or track their cars.  And sounds like there are way too many out there, but that's a different story.

The R is what the GTS should be.

Don't you think Porsche knows that? If people like me are dumb enough to go for a Carrera S with Powerkit and accept it as a GTS, no wonder Porsche gets away with this. I love my GTS but I also know that Porsche could have done much better. Why should they though? Using the Carrera S Powerkit tech and keeping everything else basically the same raised their gain margin. Smiley


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