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    New name for the "Sport" button....

    I was in the car today and decided to take my little boy for a ride as he keeps asking. He's 3 and is now a very inquisitve little boy asking questions about everything.

    Anyway, we were casually driving along, when he asked me to "go right fast, Daddy!", I chuckeled and quickly answered "No, not now little boy, perhaps when your older".

    Boys being boys, he didn't take no for an answer. So, after 3 or 4 times repeating myself, I thought, okay I'll press the sport button and accelerate throught 2nd and 3rd and leave it at that.

    Anyway, I did that much to the sheer delight of my little boy, asking for me to do it again and again and again but of course didn't.

    Then out of the blue, my little boy said -

    Son - "Daddy!"
    Daddy - "Yes, little boy"
    Son - "we go right fast again?"
    Daddy - "No, no more, when your a big boy"

    Then a small pause...

    Son - "Daddy?"
    Daddy - "yes"
    Son - "you press the trumpet button again"...

    With this I couldn't control my laughter, but didn';t oblige of course

    So, the Sport Button in my household is now formally known as the "Trumpet Button" and will for ever remain the boys little secret...

    Aren't kids fab.

    Re: New name for the "Sport" button....

    that's brilliant!!
    you should tell porsche to rename the button!, a little user help for the marketinf

    Re: New name for the "Sport" button....

    LOL. Funny and cute. I call it the "IYFTYLDTC" button. Acronym for "impress your friends that you let drive the car" button.

    Re: New name for the "Sport" button....

    Good story nicely told.

    Re: New name for the "Sport" button....

    Cute story.

    I remember when I first picked up my brand new 997S and I parked it in the garage. My son's (3 years old at the time) school bus pulled up to the house and my son ran up to the car and said "woooowwww" and gave it a big hug. He won't let me put him in the school bus anymore. I have to drive him in the Porsche.

    Re: New name for the "Sport" button....

    My 3 1/2 old son has not named it yet! He just always asks me why this car is fast ? Why is it low? Why are the tyres wide? Why is the engine in the back? Why does it make more noise then mammy' s car? Why can't I go on the dirt? Why can I go fast in the corners? etc....... and that each time we talk about cars ...

    Re: New name for the "Sport" button....


    Re: New name for the "Sport" button....

    Was the little boy confusing the PASM button (sporting a shock absorber which may remind someone of a trumpet) with the actual Sport button? If so... the Sport button is NOT the trumpet button.

    Re: New name for the "Sport" button....

    Thanks for sharing ResB!

    Re: New name for the "Sport" button....

    Who said the Porsche is not a family car?

    Re: New name for the "Sport" button....

    ADias said:
    Was the little boy confusing the PASM button (sporting a shock absorber which may remind someone of a trumpet) with the actual Sport button? If so... the Sport button is NOT the trumpet button.

    That wouldn't be any fun would I took a friend out in the motor today and was quick to point out the "Trumpet Button"...

    Re: New name for the "Sport" button....

    Fathers and sons...we have our secrets..
    When my youngest (12) and me drive alone to our coast we take a little road of about 5 km which we "christianed" SS (special stage)...
    It's our secret.. he only says : OK? and when i knick my head he pushes the sportbutton ...and... off we go...HEAVENLY FAST.
    When mum is with us, we keep our lips sealed and i only get a smile in my rearmirror



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