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    My new car - BMW 135i

    I have the privilege to pick up another new car this week - a white BMW 135i coupe. I have been waiting for this car for awhile now, and I couldn't be happier with this car.

    For the money, nothing comes close to the 135i in performance unless you want to buy Japanese AWD turbos like Lancer EVO X or Subaru STI. In Australia, the japanese terrors are about the same price as the 135i, but with much lousier build quality. For me, there is nothing like a small RWD car, especially one that is so powerful! The car has such linear power and torque that it could be exploited anywhere. It's balance and handling is great, although I would like to have a bit more mechanical and grip from the tyres. The rear is only 245mm wide, so a set of wider tyres will go a long way to help this. And of course an LSD would be invaluable. For anyone who likes a car that is great fun to drive, go test drive one of these. Great little car.

    My new BMW and my son's new BMW.

    I think he likes the car?

    Yup, he fits comfortably in the seats (err, maybe in 16 years!)

    The shape of this car is not to everyone's liking, but I personally think it looks great especially from this angle!

    Finally back at home next to his friends.

    Re: My new car - BMW 135i

    Many congratulations, your little lad looks great also. May you have many safe and enjoyable miles.

    I know from experience with my 123d just what a well sorted car the One Series is. Yours with the added sparkle from that engine will be just amazing, I'm sure

    Re: My new car - BMW 135i

    Congratulations Way, I saw one exactly the same as yours in the showroom window
    and they look great.

    Great pictures, cute baby and gorgeous 355.

    Re: My new car - BMW 135i

    Congrats WAY, I've got a 120i and it drives quite well.I could imagine how powrful the 135i is enjoy in good health, also nice wheels, are they stock ?

    Re: My new car - BMW 135i

    congrats WAY, I have a 120i and the drive is quite nice are those wheels stock ?

    Re: My new car - BMW 135i

    nice one Wayne.

    i like the black grill surrounds and the black side mirrors. looks more agressive.

    u will soon need a bigger drawer just to house all those car keys!!

    did u replc ur Aston with a 355 !??

    Re: My new car - BMW 135i

    Congratulations, I've driven the 135i a month ago and I simply loved it, I couldn't imagine any other car in which I could have this much fun, it is so exploitable and tail-happy, I loved it.

    My test car had all the Performance-goodies too, it really transformed the look, maybe something to think of in the future.
    As you said, I did feel the car could use a proper LSD, it's not as bad as the 130i, which has no form of limited-slip differantial at all, but the electronic solution on this one has its flaws, IMO.
    Other than that the car is absolutely great, the brakes were lovely (although they were also BMW Performance goodies so I don't know about the standard ones), the sound is to die for, etc...

    In other words, excellent choice!

    I have the video of the test car on my Facebook-page, I'll see if I can link it...


    edit: The video is not accessible without an account, sorry

    Re: My new car - BMW 135i

    Congratulations, Way!

    Re: My new car - BMW 135i

    Congrats WAY! Wow, you have a 355 and Vantage as well? You're collecting quite the stable there!

    Re: My new car - BMW 135i

    Congratulations, 135i is fast and very fun to drive... I had one on test last month and I was suprised how fast it is. Also a few drivers in "sportier cars" were suprised on stoplight when they stayed behind.

    Re: My new car - BMW 135i

    Almost forgotten about this thread! Thanks all for the well wishes. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the F355 isn't mine. It is just parking in my spot! F355 wasn't a replacement for the Vantage. I am going to a track day this coming week in this car bone stock so that I have a base line for future mods. Look forward to it.



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