I have a 2001 996 cab and I have been having an issue with the audio portion of the unit. It will be playing music and all of a sudden it will stop,(almost liek someone hit mute), a few second later the audio will come back. It will do this over and over again. I've taken it to my local dealer, who after a week diagnosed it as a bad amplifier. So I bought a used amp, had them install it and took the car home. No more than a mile from the dealer it was doing the same thing. I thought it was the radio by my diagnosis based on teh fact it did the same thing on AM, FM or CD changer. Also when the sound when out, I lost all control of the radio buttons. Now Porsche is saying its the radio that is bad. I'm looking for a decent price on a Nav radio, but does anyone have any history with this? and if so, did you find a place to fix it or did you just have to replace it?