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    New Shoes for the Carrera S

    Just got techart 19in formulas. Sorry for the inside picture. But it was too dark to take outside

    Sorry Here is one in color

    One more

    Last One

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    BEAUTIFUL : my favorite wheels. What are the weight of the wheels? Is your car lowered? The stance looks nearly perfect. Also did you install wheel spacers?

    Wheel spacers and ride height

    The Car has H&R sports springs. It is a little low in the front but the stance and look is perfect. I also bought 7mm H & R Wheel spacers and bolts but after i put the wheels on i decided that I didn;t need them, In fact if anyone is interested in them they should send me a private mail.

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    looks great!
    those look bigger than 19's though...I woulda guessed 20's if you didn't say they were 19's

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    They do look bigger. But they are not. I just moved the rubber from my stock wheels to these. hey balanced out real nice. They seemed lighter by feel but I am not sure how much.

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    Why didn't you go for the 20's? Have you thought about the Work wheels?
    I am trying to make my decision on which wheel set i should get, the price are very similar and in my opinion, they both look great and should i go for 20's or not . Any opinion on this?

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    Also, 997CarreraS, did you do any thing to the body of the car, it looks like you have a body kit on!

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    Beautiful Wheels! And Good choice on the 19's....The 20's look ridiculously big (toytown car) imo.

    I am looking at either the 18's or the 19's...Could you grab a few pics of the car in the light? Would love to see...

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    best looking wheels all around the world!!!!!

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    best looking wheels for 997 IMO, the bodykit is techart, but i've never seen that wing it rinspeeds?

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    mish said:
    Beautiful Wheels! And Good choice on the 19's....The 20's look ridiculously big (toytown car) imo.


    TechART Body Kit

    Yes, I have a techART Body kit. The wing is brand new. Most of their pictures show a different wing. This one is fresh out of the Mold and i have the first one in the US. Then I have the side skirts and front spoiler and headlight cover. I like this kit much better than the Porsche Kit with their silly rear wing.

    Re: TechART Body Kit

    Nice TechArts are heavier than the stocks and is only more evident on the 20'. your 19s' look great

    Re: TechART Body Kit

    Looks great.

    Could you post more pics of your car?


    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    simply stunning

    Here is an outside shotI i just took

    and one more

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    DAMN nice!!

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    gr8 car!

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    LOVE those wheels, but heavy (6lbs+ up front, 5lbs+ rear). I wish there was a forged version of them.

    Could you notice a difference from the lighter stock wheels? Swapping back and forth b/t my stock wheels and lighter BBS RGR (forged one piece) on my M3, I can feel a difference..

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S

    No I cant feel the difference. But i do love the way they look!

    Re: New Shoes for the Carrera S


    I have to admit

    That I turn around and look at it when I walk away. My wife says in fact she does not think that i can walk away from it without turning around! Anyone else have that problem with their car?



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