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    Mods on my gt2

    Here a few mods i have done last year on my gt2. (actually wanted to sell when my ff arrives, but i changed mind and will keep it. The car simply performce to good and has just 20 000km on it yet. I use it a lot on track, and i makes me happy all the time.

    Perfomance wise, see vbox graph below

    100-200 start in 4th gear no shifts  5,8 secs (starting 3th gear and then 4 i was able to hit 5,3 sec)100-200_GT2-tun.jpg

    100-300 start in 4th gear 20,49 sec (shift time are pretty conservative, so there would be still some air for faster shifts

    (this run had a bit downhill around 10 meters, oposit run was at 20,98 sec, so not much different from that, Temp around 20 degres and 500 meters altitude

    100-300_GT2-tun-b.jpgthe mods:

    akra evolution race, bigger intercooler, stronger clutch, few other small thing and ecu

    i can highly recommend the akra evolution race, it is so much better done than the originally akra on the stock car,  by the way the headers from the 997 gt2 were the one of the 996 gt2.. (not mutch to say about that.


    i had to make mods witch are not really visible to the police in switzerland, so there for the akra was perfect, not much louder, not big visible change, (just a bit bigger. We have a new law up here that for every mods you do you need a DTC evaluation and just the attempt to get the exhaust legalized costed me 4600 sfr and it failed.... Therefore i told them the car is "just" for track use. (ok now some how illegal, but they can't notice it)

    By the way i do can recommend this tuner very mutch so if somebody in germany or switzerland would like to get some good work, just pn me.  (he was able to solve my problem on my twin engine azteck airplane, with suffered on every second flight with power loss on the righthand engine (turbo problem) airplane maintenance couldn't find the problem for almost a year, he could in about 3 hours.... 

    Re: Mods on my gt2

    Very impressive! kiss Must be a blast to drive.

    Yes, the Swiss law does not look kindly at people who modify their cars indecision Out of interest, why did the approval of the exhaust fail? Due to noise level?



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    Re: Mods on my gt2

    sweet modskiss....what intercooler are you run?you said bigger???....please,post a video to hear your beast..


    Re: Mods on my gt2

    Hey Dario

    Thanks for sharing the information Smiley

    I love the Akrapovic stuff it is beautiful and functional and worthy of our awesome GT2s....

    Your 100-300kph times represent about 650PS which is quite a lot from the standard turbos.

    I'm sure your tuning guy knows what he is doing but personally I would like to check by logging my intake temperatures at 300kph, I would guess that your tune (in the 20decC ambient) will be pushing the intake temp to high 60deg C, if it is in the 70s then you may be heading for a problem. One method of extracting power from our engines is to have the program adjust the vanes in the turbos to flow a lot of air which can produce these sorts of power numbers from standard turbos but they get very hot (the high intake air temp is an indication of the actual VTG unit's temperatures), this is OK for blasts to 200kph but when you load them up for long duration (like to 300kph) they can get too hot and catastrophic failure can occur (meltdown, big bang Smiley).

    I can tell you the above because I had a program as described above which produced similar acceleration but even with my aerospace (~10K Euro) intercoolers the intake temps were up in the 70s, Schmirler was very upset when he saw this program and it was from a good sized tuning company (in fact I have currently one of their packages on my Cayenne diesel !!)






    3.9  GT2 2011 make over

    Re: Mods on my gt2

    Hey Tobi

    with a Temperature of 24 degres we couldnt go over 48degrees intakte Air temp. on high load runs, Autobahn over 300 kmh acceleration and repeating. They did several logs of High Speed acceleration and evaluat and adapt the mapping a few Times. ( if you want See the Logs of temperature if have to ask, as i didnt keep them)

    i do run a constant boost of 1.4 with a peak of 1.6 ( 1.6 is simular to the stok rs peak boost with Same turbos, so also here nothing to risky)

    We did no dyno run the truth is on the street any way, and i am sure to be on the save side,also the car is as drivable as it was stoke. 2 simulars tuned gt2 Running now about 20000 km without any problems mostly used on Track...

    off course i didnt went as far as you, i just cant Drive around in our country with a higly modded car with out getting massive problems, therefor i stayed with a more civilised version

    intercoolers are from manthey with slightly moods and i so think with the delet of the main cats and 100 cell secondary cats the back pressure is massivly degreased.

    I had a few week back a go in a 9ff 950 hp gt3 Turbo witch runned the 100-300 km/h in about 11-12 secs. That is a different Story and that car actually scared me, power delivery so brutal and hard, comlpetly legal in Germany, completly illegal in Switzerland...

    do you have any files from your "rocket" 100-300kmh

    Re: Mods on my gt2

    Well those intake temperatures are perfect, maybe they are programming to keep lower boost at peak torque with 1.4 bar and only increasing the boost to 1.6bar for peak power ? Anyway, it all seems to work well with the Manthey stuff, very pleased for you those are excellent results and high quality components kiss

    It seems with VTG engines if the boost is brought on very strongly 1.6bar at 3000rpm all the way  to peak power then the intake temperatures get really bad, I have big 100 cell cats and bypass exhaust with 40% of gases not going through muffler !

    My 100 to 300 is about 19s on the flat, 100-200 in 4th gear about 4.7s (my 4th gear is a bit shorter than stock)

    The 9ff cars are interesting but the power development and delivery is very old school, like an old 930 on big steroids, our VTG engines are so much more fun to drive, if you lined up with that 9ff car both in 4th gear at 100kph I bet he wouldn't overtake you until 220kph.... I tried it with a 900hp 9ff car (mine was running 660PS 3.6 litre at the time) and he didnt take me until 250kph then it looked like I was going backwards indecision



    3.9  GT2 2011 make over

    Re: Mods on my gt2

    Great work your car Toby rs tunning on its best. Gerhard offered my a 640, 680 and 720 hp step ( probably your step). 640 hp step is simular with my mods except no headers and Double pipe exaust on both side. Could have been done in One week. For the other 2 steps they wanted the car for about 7 weeks. After hearing your issues i was sceptical on that... ( and i couldnt do them as i would be completly illegal on our roads and no insurance coverige any more...)

    Enjoy your car

    Re: Mods on my gt2

    Dario indeed your car is super fast for the mods, congrats. The 100-200 is very impressive indeed. As a comparison, my car with modded engine and similar setup as Toby (also took a very long time to perfect) has done 100-200 at 5.0 (with shift) and 100-300 16.8 sec, 2 heavy passengers. That was 740hp with VTGs. You IATs are very good indeed.
    The headers look amazing btw and super light. I have stock headers as my tuner thinks that they are good for up to 800hp. 

    Re: Mods on my gt2

    Wow an other rocket on this board. Do you have Rs tuning. Impressiv time 100-300, concratulations.

    Concerning headers of course there was no need to change them, but the akrapovic Evolution Race looks just better with the titan headers, (so i took them, even if it is under the Car). By the way akrapovic promise a gain of 40 hp an 80 nm just by changing the exaust system over the stok ones



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