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    Project Gotham Racing for 360

    Project Gotham Racing 3 for xbox 360 anyone play it yet the graphics are simply amazing . It is just incredible .
    here are the trailers
    and make sure to watch the review !!!!!!!

    Re: Project Gotham Racing for 360

    It looks absolutely amazing, but I'm a little sad that they weren't able to get the Porsche license this time around.

    I've always been a big fan of the PGR series, but after Forza was released I've come to suspect that for me it's all about the car lineup, so if Forza 2 can come out looking like that(probably a little better due to advances and lack of detailed cities) then I'll probably pick that as a fav.

    I still plan to get both however.

    Re: Project Gotham Racing for 360

    I'm waiting for the PlayStation 3 which comes out next year. Would anyone here advise me to get the XBox 360 instead when it comes out in the UK on Dec 2?

    Re: Project Gotham Racing for 360

    If you can only ever ever get one I might think about waiting for the PS3 and then making a comparison before buying either. Right now we don't even know the PS3 will be out next year, there is talk of even 2007.

    Even if the PS3 proves to a lot better I'm not sure you are ever going to the get the selection of cars that PGR3 provides out of anything. Sure GT5 will probably have everything, but I'm not sure about Ferrari, Porsche or Lambo.

    The way that licenses are being bought up these days I'm not sure if we will ever even get a selection quite as nice as PGR2 or Forza's. Ferrari, Porsche and Lambo in one sim type game would be amazing. I mean the roadcars of course.

    Re: Project Gotham Racing for 360

    Yah, the car list of PGR3 isn't very impressive. They chose the cars based on being able to reach 170 mph. Kinda dumb cause half the cars I've never heard of, they are all tuned or racing versions that are too unrealistic for the street. Some are concepts. I was looking forward to a game that would be realistic and let me drive real cars and get a feel for them in a game. Porsche isn't even in it. Go to google and search it. Heres one link......

    Also, Anyone know about forza motorsports and Grand turismo 4. What is special about these games. are they good, do they give a realistic portrayal, of performance driving. Ones on xbox the other ps2 and I assume they gonna make one for xbox360. Anyone know which is better.

    Re: Project Gotham Racing for 360

    Hey all -

    I might be able to provide some insight here:

    Which console to get? The simple answer is that it depends on what you like to play. Gran Turismo series will only come out on PS3 - Forza and PGR only on X360. All of the EA stuff (NFS, Burnout, etc) will be both. The GT series is in my opinion unmatched as a sim - so if you had to get one - I would wait for the PS3. But even when the PS3 comes out (XMas 2006 almost certainly) - there is no guarantee that GT5 will be ready. And, you can play PGR3 now. In terms of raw performance, the PS3 is slightly superior. However, MS has made the X360 easier for developers to use - and thus make the most of. Traditionally, MS has also been far superior in terms of online connectivity. If you can afford to get a P-Car - why not just get both? You won't regret it.

    Licenses? So - None of the near future MS or Sony games will have Porsche or Lambo, as EA has them locked up into exclusive contracts. It is a damn shame and Ruf does not compensate. As soon as Porsche and Lambo have the good sense to renegotiate non-exclusive licenses, they will give more fans (and future owners) the opportunity to drive their cars. These games (esp. Gran Tursimo series, btw) are becoming so realistic that in-game and real life track times and performance characteristics are nearly identical to each other.

    Why PGR3 has only fast exotics? The concept behind the game was "life begins at 100 (mph)." I think this is an unfortunate decision and just a clever way of saying "we don't want to pay for too many licenses and fans don't really care about driving 1995 Buick Centuries." I happen to love the 1973 Carrera 2.7 RS in PGR1 - and could not care less about driving some boutique kit car. Ah well.

    Difference between GT series and Forza series? Simple answer is that Forza is MS' answer to Sony's GT. They knew that they needed a hard core driving/racing game to complete their portfolio. PGR series is a bit more of an arcade game. Like I said, I prefer the GT series up to this point. Polyphony Digital (the developer) are simply the best at this. They drive many of the cars on the track (including N-Ring) to make the feel just right. Forza is a bit more realistic looking, but it does not feel quite as good and the sense of speed is just not there. Froza 2 vs GT5 could be anybody's game - but my money goes to GT5. If nothing else they have been at it 3 times as long. But - I will play the hell out of both and recommend the same to anyone.

    Good luck!


    Re: Project Gotham Racing for 360

    so PS3 is comming out a year from now? Unless its gonna be significatnly better I would just get the xbox 360.

    Re: Project Gotham Racing for 360

    That's kind of the problem. We don't really know. Technically they each have their own advantages, but as far as I know the PS3 has the edge.

    The problem is that while that edge might not even normally be all that noticable, industry heavyweights like John Carmack claim that the dev tools for the 360 make it a lot easier to work with and with this kind of power that is the important thing.

    Of course if you hate Halo,PGR,DOA,Ninja Gaiden,Forza and Kotor and love Gran Turismo, Devil May Cry, Tekken and Metal Gear Solid I'd just wait for PS3 and not worry about it. It all comes down to what games you want to play.



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