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    Finally took the plunge

    Just back from my dealer. Place an order for the C4S Cab, GT Silver, Terracota, Black Top, Carrera sport wheels, Chrono, X51 power kit, Thicker sport steering wheel, Sport seats with Crest and back painted GT Silver, heated seats, Bose, Navigation, Metal Door Sill, Leather: Sun Visors, Rear console, Rear view mirror, Gear Lever trim, Intrument Surround, Door Finishers, Interior Package A Pillar.
    I've been following this forum for many months now and I wanted to thank RC, Carlos, Stradale, Ron and many others who really make this forum a community. Your insights and advice have been terrific and in the end we all have to chose what we want, but at least we are better informed and can make the right decision for us.
    When the car finally arrives - end of March, beginning of April, I'll take it to Detailing Dynamics in Mineola to get a clear bra and enjoy the spring weather in Connecticut.
    Thanks a bunch to all of you,

    Re: Finally took the plunge

    thats some seeeeerious speccing pcosta.. might be treading near turbo terriroty in price..

    now that damn wait.. good luck.. 5 months aint eaasy

    Re: Finally took the plunge

    Wow that is one killer car. As khalidaij says it might tread on turbo price but I like it. I would love to have a C4S Cab with X51. Killer

    Re: Finally took the plunge

    Sounds awesome! Congratulations! I am a big fan of that color combination and full leather appointment. Wondering if you considered the steering column in leather? The amount of such options can be maddening, no?

    X51 . . mmm . . yummy!

    Re: Finally took the plunge

    Wow.. there will be a few X51's in the area come spring. What about the sport shift or TPMS? I ordered them off all the great comments here on the forum.. I went with the multi func. wheel, as I did not like the look or feel of the thicker wheeel, IMO. Great specs.. enjoy the wait now that you have joined the club

    Re: Finally took the plunge -Cab X51

    I did get the TPMS. I decided to go with the sport seats instead of the adaptive. I don't think I would use the lumbar adjustment and I'll be the only driver.
    In terms of the leather, I had to stop somewhere...

    Re: Finally took the plunge -Cab X51

    That's a great color combo. My buddy has an S cab in the same color combo.



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