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    I'd like to introduce myself...


    I'm Gregory from south of France, one hour drive from a perfect place for ferrari's and other toys, Saint-Tropez.

    I discovered that really great site not long ago when I was searching, at the time, for 420 or 430 Monza informations.

    I've done my first post today and I'll do my best to come back regularly.

    I'm the proud owner of a 360 spider F1 from july 2001, bought the 15th november 2003.

    It's rosso corsa / black / black roof, no scuderia schields or red calipers or challenge grills or tubi exhaust. It was 9.060 kms on the clock, now 10 months later it's 11.600 kms.

    Except one or two tiny chips on the front bumper, it's in better condition than a new car.

    Before that beauty, I had a january 1990 348 TB bought the 1st of august 1994 at 24.680 kms on the clock.

    It was rosso corsa / black and I sold it the day I got the spider at 48.000 kms.

    That's it for today.

    I'll try to come back soon to tell my Ferrari's experiences during those last ten years.



    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Welcome Gregory - nice ride!

    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Next time I attach a file, I'll attach a small one.

    Sorry for the delay !!!


    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Salut Gregory!
    I live too (not anymore permanently) in South of France.
    Welcome to the site.

    I've seen that you've done not too many km with your Spider. There are great roads over here...

    Where did you buy the 360 Spider?



    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Now that is a smooth road! Nice car.

    "Bain de soleil for the saint-tropez tan"


    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Bienvenue Greg,
    Ce site va te plaire mec!
    Nice car, very nice car!

    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Hello Gregory,

    welcome to the board and congrats to your wonderful car! (Seems as if we have some things in common )
    I like the "stock" version of a Ferrari best, added gadgets hurt the car's plain beauty IMO. Even if it's done in Maranello, I think things like painted calipers, shields, rear Challenge grill, red stitching and so on are just too much.

    Looking forward to some F-discussion!

    Best, Rossi.

    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Welcome aboard
    Very nice car

    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Welcome Greg,

    thanks for your Ferrari Story.. its a very nice ride!

    cheers, L@rs

    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    bienvenue au rennteam gregory!

    very nice car

    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Thanks a lot guys !!!

    Bady, the spider was bought in ITALIA MOTORS, official Ferrari dealer that is no more official since 1st september 2004 (I heard it's going to be a Jaguar garage).

    So for the annual service I nead a new dealer, the car as a warranty untill july 2005.

    I think I'll go to Montpellier because Cannes and Monaco don't have a good reputation.

    What do you think or heard ?


    Re: I'd like to introduce myself...

    Hi Greg,

    generally I don't like at all Ferrari dealers.
    In Monaco (Ets Cavallari) are serious but at the same time they do what they want. Their demand for cars and services is TOTALLY INELASTIC.
    Auto Palace in Cannes has high prices and sales persons are a bit arrogant, thats the only think I know.
    If you know that the one in Montpellier is better, go there definetly.
    For the F430 in Monaco they asked me 30000 euros! Others ask 15000!



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