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    Three days with my 997s....K.O. after 700 kms.

    Today, my brand new 997s stopped with only 700 kms. The car was towed to the Porsche dealer but I will have to wait until Monday to find out what a f..k happened. Porsche assistance worked well and they gave me a courtesy car.
    My experience was terrible: The car stopped in the middle of a highway (at the end of a curve)and it was impossible to stop outside the highway because a third line is under construction and they have put concrete blocks. A fire truck saw me and came to rescue me: they stopped their truck and pushed my car (Four firemen could hardly push my car, so it has to be quite heavy). Traffic was really dangerous and it was a difficult situation.(Pufff, Very dangerous!!!).
    The car felt like it ran out of fuel, but it had 1/4 of fuel (And according to the computer, I still had 150 kms left to run out of fuel). Before taking the car to Porsche dealer, The towed-truck stopped at a gas station, and I filled the car with only 45 liters, so the car had 20 liters inside. The guy tried to start the car and he did it. (He look at me like if I was the tipical stupid guy that just ran out of gas with a new car. I decided to leave the car at the Porsche dealer (just in front of the gas station) and avoid the risk of being towed again . As I said before, I will have to wait until Monday to find out what happened, but I think that it has something to do with electronic gas pump (don`t know the name in English). I will give you more information next Monday.
    P.D. After waiting 7 1/2 months and spending 94,000 Euros,I feel that my 997S will not be reliable anymore. I will cancel a trip for next week because I don't have confidence in my car. Sorry to say this but If my car has any other problem in the future, I will just run with it a few months and will sell it. What do you think?

    Re: Three days with my 997s....K.O. after 700 kms.

    Too bad you are having a bad day. Next time when you can not find your post, can always find you post by doing a search.

    What did the computer on the car say? Did it detect any problem?

    Re: Three days with my 997s....K.O. after 700 kms.

    The check engine did not detect anything. I hope they can find something with their computer. The only thing I noticed is a strong smell coming from the engine (not burn smell), but I guess the smell is just because it is a brand new car.

    Re: Three days with my 997s....K.O. after 700 kms.

    Sorry to hear about the disappointing and dangerous experience. I hope they find something wrong so that they can fix it and restore your confidence. My cars 4 days old, 2133km - absolutely fantastic!!

    Re: Three days with my 997s....K.O. after 700 kms.

    Don't worry sometimes there is problems with new cars
    if they fix it I really think that it wont happen again
    porsche is a very reliable car, Its the only car that I trust on 250+hp
    I hope that you will get your confidence back after fixing the car

    Re: Three days with my 997s....K.O. after 700 kms.

    It is unfortunate that it happened. But these things do happen. They happen to SEATs and they happen to Porsches or any other vehicle. There is no surprise there - and the sensible attitude is to deal with it and in your case hope the dealer finds it and fixes it, as it may be intermittent.

    Re: Three days with my 997s....K.O. after 700 kms.

    raul dont worry,look at my threah

    engine could not start

    had a simulas problem some days ago and the road assistance has to press the gas all the gay down to start the car,looke like the engine was drowned with gas

    It did not happen again.



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