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    Porsche dealer in my area has already sold out their allotment of 997 C2 and C2S. Their allotment of the 05 TT S's is gone except for one last one and are asking for $15,000 nonrefundable deposit for a May delivery. Is this pretty standard? Seems to be a bit much, for deposit and terms.

    Re: Deposit

    Never heard of nonrefundable deposits for any car from a legitimate dealer (truly hot cars have yrs long "waitlists" and/or dealers often seek to sell car above MSRP to highest bidder). In US, current supply of 996TTS is fairly tight (currently selling at roughly $5K over MSRP in SF region), but I suspect P will increase MY05 production volumes based on mkt roughly $150K per 996TTS, P will be more than happy to make sure no customer goes unserved

    Re: Deposit

    Before the TT "S" was anounced, in the Boston area the most common deposit procedure was $1000 to hold space until allocation came up, then another $4000 until delivery.

    Cancelations are handled on a case by case basis. If your car comes in pink and you wanted black then you could walk with all of your deposit. If the dealer could sell your spot for more money you could walk also. If you ordered something funky and decided you didn't like it then your deposit was at risk.



    Re: Deposit

    Monte said:
    Porsche dealer in my area has already sold out their allotment of 997 C2 and C2S. Their allotment of the 05 TT S's is gone except for one last one and are asking for $15,000 nonrefundable deposit for a May delivery. Is this pretty standard? Seems to be a bit much, for deposit and terms.

    The deposit seems high but unless you were going to order the car Mary Kay pink, the nonrefundable deposit seems strange. On the 997/997S in the Los Angeles area, most dealers wanted only a $1000 deposit except for Beverly Hills Porsche who wanted $5000. I would find another dealer.

    Re: Deposit

    i put downa 2500$ deposit on my car in the NYC area.

    also got $1000 off --- muwhahahahaha

    Late October/Early November delivery.

    2 more months ~~

    Re: Deposit

    Monte said:
    Is this pretty standard? Seems to be a bit much, for deposit and terms.

    I placed a $500 deposit (fully refundable) on my Turbo order back in 2002. The dealer still has the same deposit policy.

    Re: Deposit

    Monte where are you located

    Re: Deposit


    Re: Deposit

    it really depends on many factors

    a deposit is just another step in the purchase process,

    it implies intent, and gives the dealer something to indiate your interest besides your word.

    there are some lowlifes out there that will say they are interested in something and be completely BSing.

    the deposit is just an extra show of faith that most of those lowlifes will be too bothered to fork out.

    that said, as was mentioned if you order pink over purple, they WILL ask for a hueg deposit.

    Re: Deposit

    Im in los angeles i have 2turbo cabs in stock, 2 turbo coupes brand new cars never been registered if you are interested call me 310-963-5117 robert

    Re: Deposit

    ahh! shameless self promotion!!!

    Re: Deposit

    I'm number 2 on my Bay Area dealer's 997 Turbo waiting list and put $0 down . It's refundable , too, LOL !

    Re: Deposit

    i dont find it hard to believe that the west coast is a bit more flexible and more customer-convinence oriented.

    over here on the east coast, there are significantly less dealers per state, and it pales in comparison to the 5-10+ dealers within driving distance to many people over there in socal/norcal.

    i envy you guys very much.

    i have a very good relationship with a dealer after doing some big deals with them, and also sending much business their way, but before that, at some other dealers, the situation was very bad.

    wont say any specifics, but the lack of cut-throat competition really makes them get lazy...


    Re: Deposit

    I placed a 10% Pounds6,500 deposit on 977 as it was due only 2 months away, but changed my mind to wait for 977s and so the full deposit was returned

    Re: Deposit

    stone: thats perfectly understandable, the dealership is going to make more money off of you.

    sometimes in the USA, dealers like to play little stupid games with the deposits and sometimes refuse to refund the deposit

    even on rather normal cars.

    Re: Deposit

    So Moogle, does your sig mean you have had the turbo S delivered?



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