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    Specced my 987 today

    I visited my dealer today to finalise the spec for my 987. I've been given a Jan build slot for March delivery. In the end I went for:

    2.7 Boxster
    Arctic Silver Metallic
    Ocean Blue Leather / Hood
    18" Boxster S Wheels
    Climate Control
    Wind Deflector
    Sound Package Plus
    Seat Belts in Silver Grey

    It came in at just under Pounds36k. I didn't want to go mad on the spec as I intend to change the car after a year for the Boxster Coupe (which is when I'll go overboard!). The options that I chose are pretty much the minimum required for easy resale. I went for Arctic silver & Ocean Blue interior after seeing a 997 Carrera S in my dealers in that combination. It looked fabulous.

    I'm hoping that the performance of the new 2.7 won't be far off that of my 2000 "S" (240 bhp vs 252bhp).

    Roll on March!

    Re: Specced my 987 today


    Re: Specced my 987 today

    Now comes the fun part, waiting.

    Actually waiting sucks, but it's worth it in the end, when your car arrives and you get to drive and own what YOU specified. Congrats!

    Re: Specced my 987 today

    Hey Atlantis, got my 2.7 on order for a Mar del as well although not yet been able to spec her!

    Have you been given a standard spec list yet by your dealer?

    Re: Specced my 987 today

    What was your thoughts on the Ocean (Sea?) Blue leather?....I'm thinking about the same......

    Re: Specced my 987 today

    I think that the Ocean blue looks really good. It's not a bright blue, it has more of a grey tone to it. Here's a pic of a 997 with the Ocean blue interior:

    Of course, you really need to see it in person.

    Re: Specced my 987 today

    Nice! I had seen that picture before but some had said pictures didn't do it justice. But I think it pretty much seals my decision. Thanks!

    Re: Specced my 987 today

    Very nice, thats going to look pretty sweet with the silver!! Have to admit it sounded pretty naff when you listed it!!!!

    Re: Specced my 987 today

    I probably wouldn't have gone for the Arctic/Ocean combination had I not seen it. The obvious choice would have been black leather, but every man and his dog goes for this.

    I think all UK dealers have been given a 997 Carrera in Seal Grey / Black (Partial) leather and a 997 Carrera S in Arctic Silver / Ocean Blue (Full) leather. So at least I could get an idea on some of the different combinations.

    Re: Specced my 987 today

    Sounds sweet Atlantis, have to spec mine shortly. Off to the Paris Motorshow on thurs so will take lots of piccies of options nd the colour combinations they've got there so hopefully be able to provide some 'real world' pics for people.

    Never beena fan of blue interiors myself, but the one on the 997 does look nice - not too blue (if that makes sense!)



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