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    More updated 997 shots....

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    Re: More updated 997 shots....

    pics don't work....

    More updated 997 here they are

    Re: More updated 997 here they are

    That's a homely looking face . The front looks like 3 different 1980s-90s 911 iterations stacked atop one another. The earlier photochops where the turn signals were integrated within larger 996 Turbo -like radiator nostrils looked more modern . It looks like a ...uggh...Cayenne .
    The rear lights seem too tapered as they wrap towards the wider fenders .

    Re: More updated 997 here they are

    Notice the red calipers. It should be an "S" model if it is a final copy. I like the return to the traditional round lense appearance and the tapered rear lenses.

    Re: More updated 997 here they are

    It really looks like a 996...

    Re: More updated 997 here they are

    Stephen said:
    Notice the red calipers. It should be an "S" model if it is a final copy.

    Compare the calipers in both pix--they're in different positions, as if they're attached to the wheels!

    Re: More updated 997 here they are

    Good point

    I guess their Photoshop artist is not really into cars


    It could be a new option MBC (Moving Break Calipers)

    Re: More updated 997 here they are

    Look at the wheels themselves. In each picture, the front and rear wheels are in the identical angle with indentical sun reflections, as if the photoshopper just pasted them in place.

    Very suspect.

    And I don't think her face is all that homely! Oh, you were talking about the car.


    Re: More updated 997 here they are

    Some of the discrepancy on the calipers may be light/reflection or shadowing from the wheels.

    The real question is this: If Porsche wants to be so damn discreet about this new vehicle, why the hell would they put one on the street in 'look at me' orange?

    Re: More updated 997 here they are

    Well... the pic looks slightly photoshopped. But the base pic is real, that's for sure. Maybe someone tried to remove some of the camouflage with Photoshop.

    Re: More updated 997 here they are

    and I had finally started to like how 996s looked...

    Re: More updated 997 here they are

    If the real car is going to be similar to these photoshop i'll wait for the 998/999 or whatever they going to call it.

    I look at these photos and i just cant stop thinking about the
    VW Beetle.

    Somebody shoot me in the head.

    Re: More updated 997 here they are

    The rear brake calipers are huge, larger than a Cup car or GT2. They look big enough to be 6 piston. I wonder if the photoshop artist just used two front wheels when they pasted them into this picture?

    And whats up with those door handles? The 996 flush handles seem much more aerodynamic.

    The only thing that looks good in these pictures is that babe driving.


    Re: More updated 997 here they are

    paulorangelmelo said:
    I look at these photos and i just cant stop thinking about the
    VW Beetle.

    Sorry for spamming the board with this picture again,... but it actually starts to move from satire to a sad reality for the 997.

    Well... this will make the face of the current 996 a dead branch in the history of the evolution of the Porsche 911.

    Ah whatever... it wasn't Porsche's first dead end in an evolution of a model. The 996 will be kicked out of the "911 evolution" posters, like the 968 was kicked out, when the 993 hit the street back in 1993.



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