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    Teq Equip Steeing Wheel

    Is there a tech wiz that can answer this question? I am about to purchase a Teq equip retro fit interior kit for my 05 997S, this kit includes wood steering wheel,brake handle and shift knob.

    What I would like to know will the new steering wheel (multi function) fit and work on my car that did not come from the factory with a multi function wheel? The person I am buying the kit from says that my car is wired for the multifunction wheel and all I have to do is plug the new steering wheel in and my dealer can do some softwear upgrades and the multi function wheel will work.

    Help am being conned or is this true? Thanks!

    Re: Teq Equip Steeing Wheel

    Gee nobody knows the answer to this? PLEASE help, Thanks.

    Re: Teq Equip Steeing Wheel

    I dont think it can be done but cannot say for sure. Why not ask the dealer where you intend to have it fitted?

    Re: Teq Equip Steeing Wheel

    I don't know for sure, but there's a good probability it's correct. Suncoast sells that package to people who don't have a multifunction wheel, and even to people who have a sports steering wheel (together with a triangular airbag module). So, it probably works.

    I suggest you ask Suncoast, rather than your dealer (who might not have firsthand knowledge about that).

    Re: Teq Equip Steeing Wheel

    Berty987 has fitted the multifunction wheel to his Boxster - needed coding etc at the delaership, but possible none the less. Info over on renntech...

    Re: Teq Equip Steeing Wheel

    Yes it is possible - its all done via the PIWIS terminal at you local OPC.

    If the wiring is completed for you then all the hard work is done. Its just a matter of R&R the wheel and ensuring that the connections are made. Don't forget to remove the negative terminal to the battery and wait a while before tinkering with the airbag module.

    Be aware however, that a few OPC's are taking the view that since the wheel was not purchased from them and/or was not part of the original order, they may not cover you under the factory/extended warranty.


    Re: Teq Equip Steeing Wheel

    Thanks for the information I am going to procede with the purchase of the wheel and if I can get it to work I will post the results here. If it doesn't work won't tell anyone.

    Re: Teq Equip Steeing Wheel

    We are pretty closed, I am in Santa Monica.
    Where are you getting it and how are you going to put it on?
    Would you mind to share? Or we can do it together.

    Re: Teq Equip Steeing Wheel

    No problem what color is your car and what trans do you have, the company I am buying the kit from has several at about $1000 for the wood steering wheel, wood shift knob and wood brake lever. They also have carbon fiber. All Porsche factory items. I probably will have Beverly Hills Porsche or Rusnak Porsche install.

    Re: Teq Equip Steeing Wheel

    This file relates to the fitting of the cruise control lever, but has a lot of what you need, and pictures, to help with the steering wheel removal and refit.



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