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    VERY important news from Porsche Today

    Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany, turned in the highest profit in its corporate history during the 2004/05 fiscal year, which closed on July 31, in spite of the costs involved in the worldwide market launch of the new-generation sports cars. At today's meeting of the Supervisory Board, the Group's pre-tax profit was confirmed to have risen by 8.9 percent to 1.238 billion Euros (previous year: 1.137 billion Euros). It also proved possible to increase the Group's surplus for the fiscal year (the after-tax result) by 12.9 percent to 779 million Euros, compared with 690 million Euros for the previous year. The further-improved results are mirrored in an increased profit per share. The result per common-stock share rose to 44.68 Euros in the 2004/05 fiscal year (previous year: 39.63 Euros) and to 44.74 Euros per preferred-stock share, compared to 39.69 Euros in the previous year.

    Pre-tax results for the 2004/05 fiscal year were up not only for the Group, but also for Porsche AG: there was an increase of 3.4 percent to 872 million Euros (previous year: 843 million Euros). Porsche AG's surplus for the year rose from 488 million Euros to 528 million Euros (plus 8.2 percent), which should also benefit Porsche shareholders. The shareholders' general meeting in Stuttgart on January 27, 2006 will be recommended to pay common-stock shareholders a dividend of 4.94 Euros per share for the 2004/05 fiscal year (previous year: 3.94 Euros). Preferred-stock shareholders will receive a dividend of five Euros (previous year: four Euros). The sum to be distributed as dividends will rise accordingly by 25.2 percent to 87 million Euros. The shareholders' general meeting will be asked to approve the allocation of the remaining sum of 177 million Euros for 2004/05 to retained earnings.

    For the first time, the Porsche Group's accounts for the 2004/05 fiscal year were prepared to international accounting regulations in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). To this end, the figures from the previous year were correspondingly adjusted for better comparability, which produced an improved calculative result for the previous fiscal year.

    In the 2004/05 fiscal year, Group turnover rose by 6.9 percent to 6.57 billion Euros (previous year: 6.15 billion Euros). Group sales increased by 15 percent to 88,379 vehicles, compared to 76,827 units in the previous year. The new-generation 911 and Boxster models enjoyed especially strong growth, although the Cayenne remained Porsche's best-selling model.

    In the current 2005/06 fiscal year, all three model series - the 911, Boxster and Cayenne - are much in demand. The new all-wheel variants of the 911 Carrera and the Cayman S in particular will make a positive impact on Porsche's core business. Moreover, the progressive development of new markets, particularly in Asia, will ensure further growth for the Group.

    Porsche's stake in Volkswagen AG will likewise make a significant contribution to ensuring that the manufacturer of premium sports cars remains on a path to success. Both Groups will benefit from joint research, development, purchasing and production projects. The partnership in these areas will result in considerable economies of scale, which will lead to lasting savings for both parties.

    Re: VERY important news from Porsche Today

    Cool. And to think I had a part in it

    Re: VERY important news from Porsche Today

    SrfCity said:
    Cool. And to think I had a part in it


    I did my share, as well, to help their bottom line-and it looks like I'll help it next fiscal year also-if they release that 997TSCab in time.

    Re: VERY important news from Porsche Today

    Thanks for the news

    Re: VERY important news from Porsche Today

    Yes, the company deserves to do well. They're very good to their employees and the employees are very dedicated to the company.

    Re: VERY important news from Porsche Today

    I guess I will be doing my part to raise that level of profitability further in the 2005/2006 model year, when I take delivery of my 997S.

    The good news is that such profits will permit Porsche - probably the smallest independently-owned auto manufacturer in the world - to survive and thrive against the mega-titans of the worldwide auto manufacturing business.

    This is proof that outstanding engineering and production genius can survive, even in a world increasingly given over to the acceptance of mediocrity.

    Hope I didn't sound too much like a Porsche salesman or investor. I'm not an auto salesman, and I don't own any Porsche stock, but I wish I did.


    Re: VERY important news from Porsche Today

    And were it not for the profitability of the Cayenne and even the Boxster, which many P "devotees" still frown upon, we might not have the present and future opportunity to continue our excitment over the driving experience of the current 997 and upcoming 997TT.

    Re: VERY important news from Porsche Today

    Its just great news. Profitable companies innovate, come out with products faster , increase share holder value and in our case support our habit for the best sports car in the world!



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