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    Re: Group Lotus boss Dany Bahar suspended

    This whole thing IMHO is about I think two things : 1. the past issue of the lotus team with Tony Fernandez where Proton lost the suit in London and 2.  the changing of the political situation in Malaysia where the old guard is under attack by the opposition party. Someone needed to be blamed so not to say the guy in completely innocent (I dont know) however someone needed to be blamed and they could not touch Tony Fernandez so best to blame this guy....the point is wherever a british car company is concerned, especially Lotus and the Malaysian government is involved you need to look beyond what is served up in the mainstream press...

    The problem for Lotus now is that in North America at least the ability to finance one of their cars is insanely difficult at best with the banks now not interested in doing so and dealers chopping of $20,000 and trying to dump cars at dealer auctions and not getting any bids. So unless you are a cash buyer (which is not how the majority of car sales are done today) it becomes with this circus going on a crisis of confidence (kind of sounds like the banks themselves)

    The two pronged approach needs to be of product and the financial support of either leasing or financing to help drive sales and quite frankly they dont seem to be able to accomplish that at the moment....

    Re: Group Lotus boss Dany Bahar suspended

    well here we I said this is politics not business....very very sad.... so we have the son of the head of DRB Hicom as the new CEO of Caterham F1....   if you look at the history ....of placing people and others leaving (Ansar at caterham and Danny Lotus..follow the breadcrumbs and seems like there might be something interesting between the two..  There is no worry about the market with these maneuvers.  There is no worry about the company they are worried about how to merchandise...    In the context of the car industry Tesla is in the hole at least $500 million and Fisker close to a billion and neither one of these companies have the dealer network or history of lotus....

    Re: Group Lotus boss Dany Bahar suspended

    And let us not forget the renault connection....Proton cars used to run renault engines.....Lotus F1 runs renault engines and so does caterham....

    In reality the british government is being made to look like a bunch of monkeys by a group of businessmen who only care about money and not making an industry work better.....and the best part is that they got the british government to kick in 10 million pounds sterling and then sacrifice behar .....this is a very very smart group of people but it seems this whole situation has been planned and engineered....  . 



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