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    Advise neded: buy a Cayenne Turbo?

    Hi guys,

    I currently drive a 2001 996 Carrera 4. The family is growing and we need more space. I've been browsing the market and there might be a good opportunity to buy a 2003 Turbo. My driving style is more tourer than full speed. I would be satisfied with an S, but if the deal with the Turbo is good I may bite.

    From your experience, how friendly the Turbo is?. Is it expensive to maintain?. What's the fuel consumption at 160 km/h average speed and in city driving?.

    Many thanks!

    Re: Advise neded: buy a Cayenne Turbo?

    The cars performance is extraordinary given its weight. Its friendlyness depends on how you drive it It is very easy to drive overall.If fuel consumption is a concern, this is definitely not the car to go for. I can tell you the figures in mpg that I get - in town are around 10-13 depending on the number of cold starts, and on the highway 16.7 - ouch!

    Re: Advise neded: buy a Cayenne Turbo?

    I have a Cayenne S...from 4 months..but now i whant a Cayenne Turbo...

    If you are a power addict buy a Cay Turbo if not the S is a GREAT car..but remember PASM and 20" wheels!!


    Re: Advise neded: buy a Cayenne Turbo?

    I would echo what has been said above. The Cayenne TT is the ultimate performance SUV. I have driven it on the track and it will easily outrun the S. That said, the S does very well and for most people would be fine. Neither gets very good fuel economy, if that is important, the Touareg V10 diesel is the solution. The V10 also has excellent performance, particularly on normal highways. Its weight and weight distribution hurts its handling in the twisties.

    Re: Advise neded: buy a Cayenne Turbo?

    Great family car, I love my Cayenne Turbo, despite the throttle/shifting delay issue. If you more of a cruiser, this is the right car for you and your family, especially because the high torque and turbo boost provide a great pleasure to drive this car even at lower speeds.
    Fuel consumption is a catastrophy in my opinion, my car usually eats around 26 litres/100 km while driving in the city and maybe some country roads. I never got less than 24 litres/100 km lately but I also have to say that I usually drive it pretty hard or as hard as possible in the city...which is more of a stop'n go game.
    That said, be prepared for some pretty high fuel bills.
    At full speed on the Autobahn, my Cayenne Turbo usually consumes around 28-34 litres/100 km, my highest fuel consumption was in the 38 litres/100 km range when I was driving on a very hot day at top speed for a few minutes.

    For comparison: my 997 Carrera S takes around 16 litres/100 km when driving it the same way and on the same routes as the Cayenne Turbo. This might help you to compare it with your own driving style in your 996.

    Re: Advise neded: buy a Cayenne Turbo?

    My wife was originally not interested in the TT, but now she cannot imagine anything else. It's a great car and for us very practical with the kids and so. However, I'm glad we live in the US where the gas cost only 1/3 of what it cost in some places in Europe. If you drive a lot, that will really put a dent in your monthly budget.

    Re: Advise neded: buy a Cayenne Turbo?

    Thanks guys! You've been very helpful. My decision is not clear, since I may also go for a fully loaded new S for the same price.

    Re: Advise neded: buy a Cayenne Turbo?

    Mikla said:
    Thanks guys! You've been very helpful. My decision is not clear, since I may also go for a fully loaded new S for the same price.

    Why don't you testdrive both? Once you go the Turbo, you never get back.

    Re: Advise neded: buy a Cayenne Turbo?

    This is what I'm worried about. I feel the fuel consumption of the Turbo is insane. It's a psicological thing...



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