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    C4S I missing anything?

    If I go ahead and order a C4S, and bypass the 997, this is what I plan to get....please give your opinions on anything else I should add:

    Polar Silver (or Arctic)
    Black Leather
    Sports Exhaust
    Stainless Steel Tips
    Sports Suspension (is that X73?)
    Silver Calipers
    Sport Seats (are these comfortable for extended driving?)
    Heated Seats
    Driver Lumbar Support
    Porsche Crest in Headrest
    Bi-Xenon Lights

    I plan to add various aftermarket products later.....

    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    How about Ferry's signature on the door sills?;)

    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    I would save the bucks and get AS instead of PS. You'll never get the 3+K back. I would also break up the interior black with some silver and/or a little carbon fiber. Not to over do it, but just to break up the mass of black. Personally I would save the money on the PS and get a factory painted AS console and seatbacks.

    IMHO sport seats are more comfortable than stock (I'm a big guy). A nice option would be to get the AS painted seatbacks with the black leather. My interior is Met Blue, but I think you can get the idea. Taste is relative.

    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    I would definitely break up the black of the interior with a polar silver rear center console. It brings a little bit of the outside into the cabin and results in a racier, more hardcore look, for some reason.

    In my C4S (arctic silver/boxster red), I got the arctic silver rear center console, and it was simply the best aesthetic decision I made regarding the interior.


    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    JP66 - Just curious what factors you are balancing in deciding between 996C4S and 997? If it were me, I'd be very tempted to wait for the 997...

    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    I believe the sports suspension is standard on the '04 C4S, so you don't need to 'add' it.

    If you want to save a few bucks and still get a painted center console, I can help you aftermarket for half the price of the option - and we can do the other bits of the interior as you like it.

    Here is the text from on the C4S:
    "The 911 Carrera 4S stands apart with its noticeably wider track and stance. It hugs the road with its standard four-wheel drive, Porsche Stability Management (PSM) and its 10 mm lower sports chassis . "

    Just a thought.

    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    Carbon fiber for the steering wheel, shifter and parking brake is a very nice touch. The sport techno wheels are very cool.

    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    CPZ, thicker steering wheel is a MUST, at least for me. (conflicts with Aluminum, Wood, or Carbon look)

    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    Thanks for all the input thus far

    I think I will go with Arctic Silver rather than Polar, and spend the extra $$ on interior enhancements. I do like the carbon fiber steering wheel, shifter, and handbrake. I will also probably add to the interior later, like the center console(aftermarket, thanks Eric)

    Grant - I love the current 996C4S, but I don't love the 997, yet. Maybe when the official pics come out I'll like it. Mainly it's the front I don't like, and I prefer to have the AWD, and the 997C4S is a couple years away, I think.

    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    I'm currently looking at also picking up a C4S. I like the look of the wide body and the front bumper. I also want the AWD since this car will be a daily driver. I can't find anything on when the 997 C4 will be out. I know they will be the 996 C4S cab next year but what about the coupe?


    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    1) Consider deleting the sunroof. You get a much better looking roof, lose about 45 pounds from the highest point on the car, gain about 1.5 inches in headroom and eliminate all chances of leaks or rattles from a sunroof gone bad.

    2) An option that can class up the interior is deviating carpet color. You could go with graphite gray carpet, which would nicely tie the interior and exterior together on the silver car. You can also do the headliner in graphite grey, if you decided to deviate the carpet.

    Sit in the sport seats before you decide for sure. They fit some people better than others. If the seats don't fit you then you won't like the car. I'm 5'11", weigh 180 lbs and wear a size 42 jacket. The sport seats don't fit me in the shoulders, forcing my shoulders forward.

    I would skip the Porsche crest in the headrest. You won't ever see it when you are driving. This is one thing that Porsche seems to have had a problem getting correct in the past and people have complained that the crests on one seat will be less deeply embossed than on the other seat, or that the crest will not be uniformly applied to the leather. It probably doesn't make much difference on a black seat, where you will have a hard time seeing it, however, on the lighter toned leathers, the flaws become readily apparent.

    Remember that you will get little if anything back at trade time for any of the options. My advice is to keep it simple, as the car is already heavily optioned and highly priced.

    //// \\\\ spider

    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    I think you've make a great choice, just a few points, make sure you try out the Sport Seats before ording, they are great and very comfortable if your body fits and BTW, I don't think they offer lumber support for the sport seats. Are you sure you don't want the big Red TT Calipers that come standard? and finally, the C4S also come with a well-tuned modified TT Sport Suspension. Good luck.

    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    be SURE to try out the sports seats on a long test drive. they are not for everyone. at 100 kg i didn't fit in them well. lumbar support is indeed NOT available with sport seats and may not be necessary with the regular power seats either.

    i would also reconsider the silver brake calipers. red looks great and its FREE.

    in fact be very careful in ordering any expensive interior extras. you will never get any of this expense back when you sell your car. i do like deviating stitches and painted consoles to match on some interiors-- they are also relatively cheap. the prices for carbon fiber or wood goodies are absurd

    the stock suspension in the c4s doen't need any changes imo.

    i would consider meridian blue interior instead of black with the arctic silver. it looks great and its FREE.

    finally, consider supple leather -- its more comfortable and it's cheap.

    congatulations on choosing a c4s -- its a great car --35000 mi on mine without ANY problems whatsover!

    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    you selfish bastard, get lumbar for your passenger as well,
    its only like a 200$ option.

    Re: C4S I missing anything?

    The suspension will not be X73, you will have to retrofit it after delivery as its not available on your order.


    did you see my post above? That's directly quoted from PCNA. Sports Suspension is standard on the C4S for '04.

    Re: Jas....

    There are two types of sport suspesnsions ofered by Porsche, the more common M30 and the even stiffer and lower X73. The M030 is standard in the C4S.

    Re: Jas....

    i would be wary of any suspension lower than the standard m030. the front spoiler already drags on steep driveways as it is.

    Re: Jas....

    ignacio said:
    i would be wary of any suspension lower than the standard m030. the front spoiler already drags on steep driveways as it is.

    I have the same problem as you Ignacio, I wish I could go lower with the X74 version for the C2/C4 but the RoWM030 is about as low as I can go if I want my car to slept "inside" my garage.



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