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    Lease a Ferrari?

    As a business owner I was recently told that my life long dream of owning a Ferrari could be realized if I considered leasing. For me the decision could be a win - win. After finding the automobile of my choice I would enter into a agreement with a leasing company under these terms: I would pay a initial fee and finance half of the agreed, current market value, of the car. The second half would come due at the end of the agreement (5 -10 years) later. The proposition sounds great the advantages are...

    1. Driving my dream car and still being able to buy the family Christmas presents each year.

    2. By using a lease it could reduce my companies monthly income and writing off the loan interest.

    3. At the end of the lease I could turn in the car or refinance the remainder of the loan.

    My dream has recently back fired when I started to read posting about the "cost of ownership" associated with Ferraris. I am depressed, to say the least, when I read about the tremendous amount of money the maint. / repairs would cost. Unless I hear anything to the contrary I may find  new energy being a current Porsche owner.

    Signed,  Depressed


    Re: Lease a Ferrari?

    As F owners say, it's not the cost of buying one (even though it's a huge outlay to begin with) but the cost of maintaining one that crumbles you... Ferraris are extremely special cars and one should keep that in mind.


    Re: Lease a Ferrari?

     Sorry to hear you're situation. But maybe its just bad timing and you just have to wait a bit before you get your dream car. I say be patient and enjoy your porsche in the mean time. 

    Re: Lease a Ferrari?

    Maintenance costs have improved greatly on the newer models with the switch to timing chains as opposed to belts on the V8's. However they are still low volume production cars and maintenance costs are higher than more mainstream luxury brands. Another thing to consider is that the more miles you put on a Ferrari the faster it will depreciate as it will compete on the used market with cars that have been used as weekend toys and consequently have very low miles.

    If you are looking for a daily driver then the California is probably your safest bet in terms of maintenance costs. It has a dual clutch gearbox so there should be no expensive clutch replacement during your ownership period. Ferrari designed this car to be driven daily and because it is a front engined V8 maintenance access is easier so servicing costs should hopefully reflect this.

    If you want an Italian exotic have you condsidered a Maserati GranTurismo? Much lower base cost than a Ferrari, shared V8 engine block with a Maserati designed head, choice of auto or paddle shift manual gearboxes, stunning look, rarity and possibly one of the best stock engine/exhaust sounds goingif you choose the paddle shift S variant.

    Re: Lease a Ferrari?

    IMO you should never finance an exotic, never get one if maintenance costs are a concern, and never use one as a daily driver.

    multiply the above by 100 if you have a family.

    Buy something like a 348 as a hobby if you can buy it outright and after reading fchat for a while to see if you can do it.



    Re: Lease a Ferrari?

    You guys are the greatest! Thanks for taking time to read and respond to my's good to get good advice.

    Rennteam Rules!!!

    Re: Lease a Ferrari?

    Great advice above, apart from that if you are into the passion of Ferraris one could still consider a 355 as a vintage car.

    Re: Lease a Ferrari?

    I too suggest the 355, although maintenance will be heavier on that car vs. 430 or newer.

    Re: Lease a Ferrari?

    My suggestion is simple: don't buy one. Cars like these are not meant to be financed or leased. You either have the money or you don't.

    BTW, a fiscal advantage is never to be considered as a buying argument. (= spend a lot to save some...) 



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