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    V8 Mallett Solstice 400hp

    From Auto Motor und Sport

    The Pontiac to destroy Porsches and BMWs with, at least in a straight line. 360hp Cayman light weight where art thou?

    Mallett Pontiac Solstice: V8 instead of R4 of the US uS-Tuner Mallett implants the heart, which sports car fans always wished themselves - a Sechsliter-V8 with 400 HP and 546 Nm torque to the Pontiac Solstice, which is to come also as OPEL GT to Germany. This aggregate comes from the GM company brother Corvette and is to be able to be inserted harmoniously under the front hood of the open two-seater. The power transmission to the rear wheels transfers a strengthened clutch in connection with a five-course mechanism. Optionally the V8 can also with a manual six-course transmission - with that the Uebersetzungstufen when desired be varied can - and a Sperrdifferenzial to be rigged. A sport chassis provides together with 19 tariff light alloy wheels, appropriate broad tire and stronger stabilizers for a safe road-hugging property. High speed brake linings and Stahlflexbremsleitungen are to work against the forward urge of the V8. About the thermal health of the drive strand a larger radiator as well as auxiliary radiators for the transmission and rear axle oil worry. Acoustically the V8-Sound is modulated by a high-grade steel exhaust system. For further exclusivity a vehicle identification plate with the sequential production number - Mallet wants to present only 100 V8-Solstice - and a Firmenlogo provides. Who requires still more achievement, for Mallet develops versions with compressor and turbo-loading. For the change of a Solstice Mallet 18,000 dollar requires. Who all options pulls comes on a change price of scarcely 33,000 dollar. In addition adds itself the base price of a Solstice, which lies in the USA with approximately 20,000 dollar. Daily know which runs

    Re: V8 Mallett Solstice 400hp

    Holy cow, that thing is sick. I really like this car a lot in base form...for it's style, and price for open top fun. But damn, with a Vette V8 in there? It must be serious. However, you'd have to think that Pontiac would release one in the next year or two from the factory that is priced in more GTO territory. Love the rims too!!

    Re: V8 Mallett Solstice 400hp

    Thyssen engine block RMS and Bosch MAF defects not available!

    My guess is that it weighs 3000lbs with the 400hp V8
    and would weigh the same with a 505hp 427 V8.

    But could it turn and stop?

    Re: V8 Mallett Solstice 400hp

    So, is the price around $53k? Did I interpret correctly that you pay $33k on top of the Solstice's $20k price?

    Seems pretty sweet for less than the cost of a Boxster S...

    Re: V8 Mallett Solstice 400hp

    Grant said:
    So, is the price around $53k? Did I interpret correctly that you pay $33k on top of the Solstice's $20k price?

    Maybe it's even less than you think!

    Here's a crop of their order sheet:

    Re: V8 Mallett Solstice 400hp




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