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    Austin, Texas Is Back On The 2012 Calendar

    This stuff is becoming such a farce. How do you "own" rights to a racing series for 10 years (Hellmund)

    Bernie just banked $25MM for doing nothing than causing a bunch of people undue heartburn.


    Circuit of the Americas

    The U.S. Grand Prix is on for 2012

    From dead in the water to fit as a fiddle in a single stroke of a pen, Circuit of The Americas management says the track and its United States Grand Prix are now a "go" for 2012.

    Construction on the 3.4-mile racetrack been halted when the Texas comptroller's office refused to front the $25 million it had pledged to pay the F1 sanctioning fee. But officials now say they've reached an agreement with F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone that paves the way for a date on the F1 calendar next year.
    Founding partner, San Antonio billionaire Red McCombs, said in a press release, "Mr. Ecclestone received his check today."

    The release hardly mentioned F1 organizer Tavo Hellmund, except for a canned quote from CoTA partner Bobby Epstein, who said, "We're glad that Tavo's vision of bringing F1 to the people of Texas will become a reality." Austin promoter Tavo Hellmund, an old friend of Ecclestone's, owns the rights to the USF1 race for 10 years via his company, Full Throttle Productions.

    Engineering and construction teams working on the track will resume immediately, ensuring completion for the 2012 race date. That's good news for F1 fans in the US, and cracking good news for Bernie— the ol' boy's $25+ million richer. Looks like Texas has itself a race.


    Re: Austin, Texas Is Back On The 2012 Calendar

    That's wonderful news ... I just hope they can get everything ready on time :)


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    Re: Austin, Texas Is Back On The 2012 Calendar

    Thankfully, Texas winters are relatively mild and drama free so they will have all winter to continue construction.

    Re: Austin, Texas Is Back On The 2012 Calendar

    The track site is under one of the flight paths in and out of the airport, so I fly over it fairly frequently. As of a couple of weeks ago the only "construction" visible other than earth moving is a concrete drainage area that appears to run under the track at the bottom of the hill leading out of the pits.

    So they've got ten months to lay a track that's supposed to be ten feet thick (think a runway at a major airport), build the grand stand and print structures (equivalent to the buildings of a smaller regional airport) and the build all the service roads and landscape. If they can get all that done in time, I'll be impressed.

    You're right that they can work right through the winter and the crew doing it are the same people who built the new Cowboys Stadium, so I'm sure they're the best in the business. But wow, what a challenge!



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    Re: Austin, Texas Is Back On The 2012 Calendar

    Well the good thing about modern asphalt and paving machines is that they can lay as much as half mile of heavy duty surface in a single day. If they run the crews in 2 shifts, I can see it getting done.

    They redid the entire surface of Daytona in under 5 months including demolition of the old track surface and laying the new track bed.

    Re: Austin, Texas Is Back On The 2012 Calendar

    I think realistically we might see the track and some essential facilities completed just in time (with workers working round the clock if need be) and then more facilities will hopefully be put in place for the 2nd race held there.

    In my view, that's vastly preferable to having no race at all.

    Provided the money is in place, Americans have an ability to get even the seemingly impossible done so I'm still optimistic.


    997.1 C2S
     GT Silver/Cocoa, -20mm/LSD, PSE, short shifter, SportDesign rims, Zuffenhausen pickup, BMW Z4 2.5i Roadster Sterling Grey/Red

    Re: Austin, Texas Is Back On The 2012 Calendar

    Hire the crews from Dubai, they are swinging their balls currently and are used to the climate.

    I am sure they can get it done in time and I look forward to F1 glamor back in the USA.


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 



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