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    Back in the saddle

    Hey guys

    Long time reader, been-a-long-time-since-last-post poster!

    Laid low for a while. A guess a while would be around 3 years! Smiley

    Anyways, since my last post I have moved from the Cincinnati area to San Francisco. Also, now driving a Peppered Porker. I've had the Cayenne for about a year now and absolutely love it, of course. 

    Wanted to take an opportunity to post a pic and mostly re-introduce myself to the forum! It's been a bit but I haven't lost my Porsche bug by any means!

    For you SF area people, if you've come by a certain bike shop in Sausalito you may have engaged in or overheard Porsche related conversations. That would be yours truly!  Smiley

    Looking forward to being an active RennTeam member again! Smiley

    Pepper getting some use...



    Re: Back in the saddle

    Welcome back. Nice pic. It looks like your dog is ready to take place on the drivers seat but just waiting for you..:-)
    Kind regards, Conny 

    Porsche 997.2 Turbo S  *  BMW X5 M

    Re: Back in the saddle

    Welcome back, nice ride. Smiley


    RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor Porsche Panamera Turbo S (at Porsche right now), BMW X5M, Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe PP/DP, Mini Cooper S Countryman All4

    Re: Back in the saddle

    Nice saddle :) Welcome back to RT :)

    Did you manage to solve the blown engine issue on that leased Porsche?


    997.1 C2S
     GT Silver/Cocoa, -20mm/LSD, PSE, short shifter, SportDesign rims, Zuffenhausen pickup, BMW Z4 2.5i Roadster Sterling Grey/Red

    Re: Back in the saddle


    Whoa! Good Memory easy_rider! Smiley

    Yes, the dealership went to bat for my Dad and got him another car. Originally, he was going to go with another 997 Targa but in the end he stepped up to the Turbo. 


    Thanks guys! Yes the beast in the picture went along for a little shred session and is quite worn out in that picture! 

    Re: Back in the saddle

    Great result - glad you managed to sort it out!


    997.1 C2S
     GT Silver/Cocoa, -20mm/LSD, PSE, short shifter, SportDesign rims, Zuffenhausen pickup, BMW Z4 2.5i Roadster Sterling Grey/Red

    Re: Back in the saddle

    Welcome back and congrats! wink


    Re: Back in the saddle

    Great to hear from you! What happened in the meantime? 

    I do remember your parents´ 930 and 997 models...

    Re: Back in the saddle

    Thanks guys! Good to have a warm welcome back! 

    Honestly, bikes consumed most of my time for the past 3 or so years. I have always been a big bike nerd and the opportunity arose to work at a shop when I moved to San Fran. Honestly, a childhood dream - up there with working at a Pcar dealer. Got the job my second day here in Cali and since then been totally consumed. Buying, selling and riding bikes all day. Oh, I'm also getting my MBA from USF so that has been taking up a little time too. indecision

    Life has come full circle and it is now time for me to move from the retail experience and get my booty in gear. What to do now? Figure out some way to work for Porsche Corporate. I do feel that my Porschephile level has stepped down a few notches being out of the immediate network. That needs to change. Time to step it up again. 

    If you guys are really curious what I've been doing, my Instagram (nerdy, I know) is a great depiction of my life over the past few years. The link is having a little trouble recently, so I hope it works:

    Man you guys have a great memory! Or maybe mine is just terrible...

    Ferdie, the 930 and 997TT are doing great. Per usual, the 930 never gets driven. Still sitting with 15k miles. I don't know if you recall, but it's an '86 TurboLook aftermarket Slant. The 997 gets driven on a much more regular basis. 997TT.jpg


    Re: Back in the saddle

    Welcome back!  Great to hear from you!




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