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    EVO magazine

    Does anybody here have the latest copy of EVO magazine?
    It contains a detailed review of the Lambo Gallardo SE.

    I ran to every bookstore I know of ... no luck ... only one distributes EVO and it was sold out in 3 days.
    If anyone could scan that article that would come in real handy for me (still deciding if I want to go ahead with the G so every info on that car would be more than welcome).

    Re: EVO magazine

    where is the EVO website???

    Re: EVO magazine

    I just took delivery of my Gallardo SE this past Saturday. If your interested how the car is, trust me, its noticeably different than the Gallardo as we know it. When the revs reach 4 grand and the exhaust opens up it feels like an extra 50 hp comes from nowhere and the car lurches forward very aggressively. Its exactly what I dreamed a Lambo would be like. Its my first and I'm very glad with the purchase. I couldn't be happier. I wasn't as enthusiastic with the standard Gallardo, but with the improvements the 06 models bring to the table its a different league. Test drive an 04 or 05 and then the 06 and you'll see what I mean.

    Re: EVO magazine

    Here are a few articles on the SE to hold you over. I can't get my hands on the Dec. EV0 either. They still have the November issue in the newstands here in the States.

    Re: EVO magazine

    ///M5 said:
    where is the EVO website???


    Re: EVO magazine

    I love pizza said:
    I just took delivery of my Gallardo SE this past Saturday.

    Pictures, pictures pictures

    When the revs reach 4 grand and the exhaust opens up it feels like an extra 50 hp comes from nowhere and the car lurches forward very aggressively.

    Video, video, video

    Oh, and congratulations BTW.
    From what I've read about the 2006 Gallardo, and from your post, it's sounds like an awesome machine that might be the best compromise between "the exotic" Ferrari F430 and "the practical" 911 Turbo. (And it might even outperform both)

    Re: EVO magazine


    You may find this article about the new Gallardo in The Times interesting...,,22750-1878325,00.html


    Re: EVO magazine

    Thank you easy rider


    And now I feel more sorry for Gallardo owners than ever. Not for how their cars don't quite shape up to the F430 but, much worse, how they fare against this new Gallardo. The 2006 Gallardo may look little different from those that have gone before, but underneath that rakish profile lies a car transformed. It is as if until now the Gallardo has been in interim specification, offered to market because Lamborghini had to have something with which to combat Ferrari. It was, if you like, the practice Gallardo, charged with holding the fort until the real one arrived. And, believe me, this one is the real deal.

    Lamborghini has not just upped the power from 500bhp to 520bhp, it has changed everything, from the engine and gearbox to the suspension and steering. And it has created a car that can look an F430 straight in the eye for as long as you like and not blink. On the roads around Silverstone and then on the track it revealed an edge I've not spotted on previous outings with Gallardos, a scarcely concealed fury amid all that effortless ability.

    The V10 sounds sharper, more distinctive and yet more eager to spin to its 8000rpm red line. Above 5000rpm it possesses the strength and singlemindedness of a true maniac, while its shorter, closer, quicker gearing means not only harder acceleration but also less of a pause between each searing burst of speed.

    I was impressed, too, by the way its suspension and steering revisions have added real driver interaction to the poise and stability the Gallardo has always had. On damp British roads made treacherous by autumn leaves, the advantages of its unobtrusive but ever present four-wheel drive were not lost on me either.

    And check out the video they have from test, at one point the Gallardo drives by the camera at full throttle, it sounds absolutely insane
    No need for an aftermarket exhaust on the 2006 model....

    Re: EVO magazine

    easy_rider911 said:

    You may find this article about the new Gallardo in The Times interesting...,,22750-1878325,00.html


    Great article - thanks!

    It looks to me as if the G SE i a great choice now and Audi/Lamborghini took it serious to iron out the flaws.

    I just recently watched the FifthGear Gallardo review with Tiff Needel and thought to myself, that this would be a great car if they would improve handling and gearing mainly. They obviously heard my calling!

    Pizzaman, enjoy your new car!

    Re: EVO magazine

    Congrats on your new Lambo!

    The 2006 Gallardo has to be the best exotic car deal out there.

    Enjoy it!

    Re: EVO magazine

    Thanks for the articles guys! I already read the one from timesonline but it looked so one sided that I started to believe they just wanted to trash the Ferrari
    But it seems that the other reviews simply confirm what they experienced.

    Congrats on your car Ilovepizza! I will have a test drive next week with an 05 E-gear (not sure if there is a SE available at this time). I still fear that the cabin will be a bit small for me (6-2 and 214lb) but I'll know for sure when I have driven it.

    Too bad I can't see that stream on timesonline tho

    Re: EVO magazine

    Motorart V 10
    Hubraum 4961 ccm
    Aufladung Sauger
    PS - UMin 520 PS (382 kW) - 8000/Min
    Nm - UMin 510 Nm - 4500/Min
    Motorlage/Antrieb Mittelmotor/Allrad
    Gänge/Schaltung 6/sequentiell
    Test in sport auto 11/2005
    Gewicht 1640 kg
    0 - 80 km/h 3,3 s
    0 - 100 km/h 4,3 s
    0 - 120 km/h 5,9 s
    0 - 130 km/h - s
    0 - 140 km/h 7,5 s
    0 - 160 km/h 9,9 s
    0 - 180 km/h 11,9 s
    0 - 200 km/h 14,4 s
    0 - 250 km/h - s
    400 m, stehender Start - s
    1 km, stehender Start - s
    Vmax 315 km/h
    100 - 0 km/h (kalt) 36,4 m
    100 - 0 km/h (warm) 32,7 m
    Nordschleife - min
    Hockenheim, kleiner Kurs 1.12,2 min
    Motopark Oschersleben - min
    Querbeschleunigung 1,25 g
    Slalom 18 m 71,2 km/h
    Slalom 36 m - km/h
    ISO Ausweichtest - km/h
    Testverbrauch min/max/ges 17,3/25,5/21,6 L/SP
    Grundpreis 153.236 Euro (11/2005)
    Testwagenpreis 167.620 Euro

    Bereifung: 235/35 ZR 19 - 295/30 ZR 19 (Pirelli P Zero Corsa).

    Gepäckraum nach VDA: -/- L. Zuladung (Testwagen): 160 kg. Anhängelast ungebremst/gebremst: -/- kg .

    Länge/Breite/Höhe 4300/1900/1165 mm, Radstand 2560 mm, Spur vorne/hinten 1622/1592 mm. Wendekreis links/rechts -/- m. Gewichtsverteilung vorne/hinten 43,9/56,1. Reichweite der Gänge -/-/-/-/-/- km/h.

    Der SE unterscheidet sich vom normalen Gallardo durch 20 PS mehr Leistung, serienmäßiges, kürzer übersetztes E-Gear - Getriebe und neue 19-Zöller mit Sportreifen. Dazu hat er als Erkennungsmerkmal ein schwarzes Dach und schwarze Außenspiegel.

    Die kürzere Getriebeübersetzung wirkt sich kontraproduktiv auf die Rundenzeiten in Hockenheim aus. Der Gallardo SE war im Test dort langsamer als ein normaler Gallardo E-Gear.
    Außerdem wurde das Einkuppeln entschärft. Kunden hatten sich darüber beschwert, dass der Gallardo E-Gear zu scharf anfahren würde (typische Automatikkäufer - was suchen die eigentlich in einem Sportwagen ?!). Als Reaktion programmierte man das E-Gear so um, dass die Kupplung nun beim Anfahren stark schleift. Im Ergebnis beschleunigt der Gallardo SE mit 520 PS so schnell der Gallardo mit 500 PS. Den SE gibt leider auch nicht mehr mit der manuellen Handschaltung. Heutzutage will jeder per Knopfdruck am Lenkrad schalten, weil ja auch Michael Schumacher... dabei fährt Schumi in seiner Freizeit am liebsten Motorrad und läuft Ski... also nix Halbautomatik.

    Dazu nervt der SE bei jedem Runterschalten mit konsequent ''sportlichen'' Zwischengasorgien. Und wo wir gerade beim Meckern sind: Die optionale Rückfahrkamera ist zwar cool, man sieht durch sie aber auch nicht mehr als durch den Innenspiegel. Das Gute am Gallardo SE: Er ist ist perfekt verarbeitet und absolut narrensicher zu fahren. Dank des E-Gear Getriebes schaffen es auch Ungeübte, in den vollen Genuss der Beschleunigung zu kommen. Der Motor klingt verdammt geil und verführt schon durch seine Akustik zu Gaspedalakrobatik.

    250 Exemplare des Gallardo SE werden gebaut. 2006 wird der Gallardo überarbeitet und dann wohl über die 520 PS des SE verfügen.

    Re: EVO magazine

    Rami said:
    Too bad I can't see that stream on timesonline tho

    The link doesnt work. Copy-paste the whole link from the original message. That'll work!

    Re: EVO magazine

    No luck



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