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    Question for Europeans ( question)

    I'm looking at cars and I see a lot that are advertised with a Net price and a Gross price that includes a VAT/MwSt. Now, with the Euro coming back down against the dollar, some of the Net prices look quite nice in comparison to US prices for cars like the 458. Hell, even some of the Gross prices look good.

    Aside from the warranty issues, am I missing something here as to why I shouldn't import one? US duties seem to be only 2.5% on imports, thus still significantly cheaper than what they are going for here. I'm guessing I'd have to stick some sidemarkers on too. Are there huge differences in, say, a 458 that would make US modifications extremely expensive?

    Since I'm exporting it, I would avoid the VAT/MwSt correct? Will dealers not export cars are something? Is there an obvious problem that I'm not seeing?


    Re: Question for Europeans ( question)

    The only problem (apart from some US import laws/regulations I may not be aware of) I see is actually that some of the offers on may not be trustworthy. You should be careful. Cars from authorized dealers are usually OK but if private companies or even private persons offer the cars, you should be very cautious. There is a lot of fraud going on, especially when it comes to expensive cars (mileage, condition of the car, accidents, unauthorized repairs, etc.).

    Yes, VAT shouldn't be of concern for you...IF the seller offers a net price for export too.


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    Re: Question for Europeans ( question)

    I bought my car from It's a good site if you know what to look for. I stay away from dealers usually, because I know how they scam and fix up their crappy cars. Also, be careful with region, a lot of Polish "east bloc" cars up for sale in Germany... very sketchy - probably all stolen. However, I brought my BMW from a Certified Mercedes used car dealer advertised through mobile... no problems, very honest bloke. But, I think that is really for below like 30k EUR or so.. I wouldn't dare of buying a high-end or even supercar through a site like this. ESPECIALLY not if you are buying online from the US, because I'm guessing you are not even planning to check it out in person? This is a must, but even if you come to Germany to check out a car, it is still very risky getting it shipped, the papers, clearing customs etc etc. If I were you i'd rather pay the premium and buy locally. I looked at various older Mercedes and BMW cars to import from Germany to Canada, as there are big price differences and demand markets. But, to be honest, it just isn't worth the risks you expose yourself to just for the sake of saving some money.

    As a little comparison, you are probably aware of Craigslist.. well is about 2x as sketchy so there ya go broken heart

    Re: Question for Europeans ( question)

    Oh, wow. I thought it was more like Autotrader than Craigslist. I guess I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the info.



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