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    Porsche Timelines in Autobild

    Check the Autobild web site for a story on various Porsche timelines including the 911 turbo and 4.

    Re: Porsche Timelines in Autobild

    Babelfish translation:

    For more power completely above stands also with most new 911-Variationen on the priority list. That applies particularly to the next generation for 911 turbo, the at the beginning of of 2006 is introduced. Like the predecessors also the new over flier is not a running car with road permission, but a genuine GT with all comfort, high driving safety and superior achievement. The piston displacement amounts to invariably 3.8 litres, but in the future 490 HP are to 40 HP at the disposal, more than with the current turbo S. While the all-wheel drive away from the start belongs again to the standard scope of supply, the overdue double clutch at the beginning of of 2007 is unfortunately only used.

    Still in this year Porsche brings the 4x4-Version of the Carrera into the trade. The Allrad Coupé is delivered starting from June, the Cabriolet follows two months later. One recognizes the models with four-wheel drive in the future by the broad body in the turbo Look and by the accordingly adapted tyre. The additional price for the better traction and the still more impressing appearance amounts to hearing after uniformly 10,000 euro.

    The new edition of the GT3 starts six months after the turbo- Topmodell in June 2006. The all around verspoilerte lightweight construction Elfer fills the gap between Carrera S and turbo. Its 3,6-Liter-Motor carries 405 HP out. Likewise still 2006 stand the successor for 911 Targa on the play plan. This variant will give it in the future only as broad C4 with all-wheel drive. Only for 2007 the replacement of the GT2 is intended. Here it remains with the rear propulsion, which must down-struggle at least 550 turbo-HP. A clear case for Koenner and connoisseurs with plentiful kneads.

    According to this the PDK won't be available until 2007

    Re: Porsche Timelines in Autobild

    sorry, what is the PDK temm ?

    Re: Porsche Timelines in Autobild

    Porsche's double-clutch secuential transmission version of the Audi/VW DSG tranny.

    Re: Porsche Timelines in Autobild

    oh okey, how about your car carlos did it arrive yet?

    Re: Porsche Timelines in Autobild

    Nope, but it will anytime next month
    I will publish a report on the -20mm & PSE of the 997S.

    Re: Porsche Timelines in Autobild

    well do that we are waiting

    and pics also eh?

    Re: Porsche Timelines in Autobild

    June for the C4, that seems early as I thought it would be launched at the frankfurt show?

    Re: Porsche Timelines in Autobild

    stone said:
    June for the C4, that seems early as I thought it would be launched at the frankfurt show?

    I guess the Carrera 4 (S) will be revealed this year september. Or am I wrong?




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