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    PCCB weight gain

    Does anyone please know how much mass is gained with PCCB?
    In absolute value please thanks.
    I've read 14 kgs somewhere, which seems a bit low to me.
    Then, on the Porsche microsite (quite poor IMO BTW), the only mass data given is a gain of 11.7 kgs between a GT2 with steel brake and a GT2 with PCCB, but only for the front axle. Presumably a bit less for the rear axle no?
    Thanks in advance.

    Re: PCCB weight gain

    I have read 14kg compared to the 997S standard brakes. Maybe in the GT2 its different since the steel brakes they compare them to are a different weight than the 997S red ones

    (BTW, you mean weight loss not gain )

    Re: PCCB weight gain

    well isnt it multiplie by 7 i think because it is unspung weight?

    Re: PCCB weight gain

    Dilinger said:
    well isnt it multiplie by 7 i think because it is unspung weight?

    Rotating & Unsprung is a much bigger deal than just unsprung

    Re: PCCB weight gain

    thats obvious, question is if its multiplied by 7

    Re: PCCB weight gain

    Dilinger said:
    thats obvious, question is if its multiplied by 7

    I think the results are more complicated than a simple 7x ratio. It depends largely on what aspect of performance improvement you're trying to measure...

    Re: PCCB weight gain

    Grant heloooo!!!

    i know what you mean but i m isolated the question as much as i can

    Isit multiplied by 7 or 6 or 3?

    if its too dificult or you dont know,leave space for someone else to speak

    Re: PCCB weight gain

    Dilinger said:
    Isit multiplied by 7 or 6 or 3?

    Ok, I may be showing my ignorance here but I have absolutely no clue of what you are talking about with "multiplied by"!?

    Re: PCCB weight gain


    I am not sure what you're getting at but maybe I can help.

    Clearly unsprung weight has more impact than non-unsprung weight. But as Grant has implied, the impact is going to depend on what aspect of performance you're considering. Someone may be aware of a simple formula to ESTIMATE an equivalent mass of sprung, static weight for a rotating, unsprung mass, but I am not aware of one. I do know that forumlas for calculating rotational inertia, my best guess as to what you're referring, are dependent upon the mass of the object, its geometry and rotation rate, and perhaps other factors which I have failed to recall. So a simple multiplier would need to assume a specific shape for the object in question and a speed of the vehicle to make even a crude approximation of the type you are suggesting. But even this would only be applicable for a movement in a straightline and at a certain speed.

    I don't have an engineering background, as is no doubt evident from this post, so maybe someone else can comment. However, I tend to agree with Grant, that this type of comparison will not be adequately made with a simple numerical multiplier.




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