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    same gearbox Touareg and Cayenne turbo?

    my local Volkswagen dealer gave me last weekend a VW Touareg V10 TDI for testing.

    My first impression was that the discussed hesitation of the Cayenne turbo didn't appear in the Touareg V10. Also I have seen that the gearbox has D and S, in S the shifting is more sportive. Both (D and S) are starting in the first gear (like my Cayenne is doing when I switch PSM off).

    I thought that Touareg and Cayenne are both using the same gearbox from Assin/Japan. Am I right? Or why it seams that VW has found a solution and Porsche couldn't?


    Re: same gearbox Touareg and Cayenne turbo?

    I believe all Cayennes and Touaregs with autos use the same Aisin six speed. Your observations on the Touareg V10 diesel are interesting. The Cayenne could certainly use a "Sport" setting for their transmission.

    Also, don't draw too many conclusions from a weekend of use. Sometimes it takes a while for this problem to manifest itself. In the Cayenne at least, different traffic situations produce different results. There is also less hesitation after a visit to the dealer, where I suspect the transmission's learned behaviors are cleared out and are reset to factory default settings.

    Re: same gearbox Touareg and Cayenne turbo?

    Yes, you might be right.

    But I tried to simulate a hesistation situation with the Touareg and it seems that the behaviour is better. But two days and 300 km is to short.

    The torque of the V10 TDI is amazing. What was surprinsing for me, that the dealer is offering ABT Tuning. The V10 will have 373 hp and 860 Nm torque, 0-100 km/h in 6.7 sec and maximum speed of 238 km/h. This values are even better then a CS!


    Re: same gearbox Touareg and Cayenne turbo?

    Yes, the V10 Touareg is a very interesting vehicle. I have not seen or driven one yet but the reviews I've read have been very positive for this particular model. It gets reasonable good gas mileage for this size of vehicle, plus it has tons of torque.

    Re: same gearbox Touareg and Cayenne turbo?

    The Touareg had and still has in certain situations the throttle hesitation. I monitored VW technical bulletins since the Cayenne came out and there has been several "fixes" and/or gearbox/engine ECU updates.
    BUT: VW allows dealers to update the gearbox ECU by simply using their diagnosis system. Porsche does not offer this possibility, only the engine software can be updated using PiWiS. Maybe it has changed now but I doubt it.
    A gearbox ECU for the Cayenne Turbo costs around 600 Euro and as far as I heard, this is the dealer price. It carries a VW parts number. Maybe this is one reason why Porsche doesn't want to make a big fuss out of the hesitation issue. It could be a very expensive fix if they have to exchange the gearbox ECU on a couple of hundreds or even a couple of thousands of Cayenne (if it gets public and owners demand it).
    Another possibility is that VW actually does the software development for Porsche regarding the gearbox/engine ECU software on the Cayenne (something we actually suspected in the past) and that every fix takes a very long time until it is implemented.

    To be honest: I don't know the full truth behind the hesitation issue. Porsche's reaction to my second fax after a fix attempt has been very very responsive and surprisingly generous by allowing me to talk to the development engineers directly and find a solution with them together. A few days after this "offer", Porsche made a 180* turn and the tone was suddenly very cold. My suspicion is that somebody "high up" put a halt to a very promising attempt to get rid of the hesitation issue. Why? Maybe it has to do with money and reputation. Maybe it even had to do with somebody's chair. Or maybe somebody just felt insulted as an engineer and professional to get "advise" from somebody like me to do the job right.
    Final result: my relationship to Porsche is at an all time record LOW level right now, especially since their last meeting and letter, both very insulting for me as a customer AND Porsche addict.

    Re: same gearbox Touareg and Cayenne turbo?

    All Touareg auto transmissions have the S- sport position below D, not just the V10. Using S does eliminate the hesitation issue but sometimes results in low speed jerky downshifts when coming to a stop. As RC said, software updates seem to have resolved many of the Touareg's issues except the random dead battery problem which seems to have several possible causes and persists.



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