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    Adrian Newey leaves McLaren and signs for Red Bull!!

    Oh no Dr Phil, looks like the waterboy won't become World Champion in 2006 either

    Why? Because:
    Red Bull Racing has signed Formula 1's leading designer Adrian Newey as its new chief technical officer.

    In a shock move, Newey, who is currently McLaren's technical director, will take up his new role in February 2006.

    After Michael Schumacher, Newey is considered the single-most significant factor in turning around a team's competitiveness.


    James Allen's verdict on Newey at Red Bull is well written and insightful as usual:

    James Allen reckons Red Bull's announcement that it has signed Adrian Newey as its chief technical officer is "a significant day in F1's history".

    But as ITV-F1's commentator points out - it has ramifications for the political side of the sport as well as those for Red Bull and McLaren.

    Until this season, every Formula 1 world championship for 13 years had been won by either Schuey or Newey.

    That is the scale of impact of today's announcement.

    It is the equivalent of Michael Schumacher joining Red Bull, perhaps even greater because Schumacher's powers have a shorter shelf life.

    And it forces us to totally re-evaluate Red Bull as a force in F1.

    Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz did not get where he is today by standing on the sidelines. He has dived in and pulled off the biggest coup in F1 since McLaren signed Raikkonen.

    F1's most established car designer Adrian Newey has decided to take on a fresh challenge at the sport's most upstart team.

    And the timing could not be more significant.

    Newey's genius is never more in evidence than when there is a major rule change. Time and again he has responded best to new technical regulations, both with Williams and McLaren.

    With the FIA planning a radical new set of rules for 2008 and beyond, it means that Red Bull could be the benchmark team in just two seasons' time!

    At Red Bull he will be working with a highly talented team of engineers, many of whom were already there, some of whom have been handpicked by team boss Christian Horner; men like former Renault designer Mark Smith and ex McLaren and Ferrari electronics guru Anton Stepanovitch.

    Newey has been described as a "helium balloon" - brilliant but likely to float off into the clouds.

    He has been at his most successful when he has had a practical engineer alongside him to temper his wilder ideas, like Patrick Head at Williams.

    What is perhaps most surprising about his decision is that although Newey will have entertained offers from BMW and maybe other manufacturers, he has chosen to go to a team using customer Ferrari engines with no works supply deal in sight.

    What does this tell us about Red Bull's plans in that direction?

    In April they were delighted with the Ferrari deal as it allowed them to use the name Red Bull Ferrari with all the attendant marketing kudos.

    But Newey's recruitment raises the bar considerably and hints at a greater plan. Perhaps Mateschitz will ultimately attempt some kind of takeover of the works Ferrari team?

    Newey's arrival at RBR will certainly put a lot of pressure on Ross Brawn and his team at Ferrari.

    They have never faced any competitive pressure from a customer team, not even this year when they had a poor car and Sauber was on Michelins.

    Looking at the bigger picture, it is important news for Bernie Ecclestone too because it means he will have another strong team on his side of the split post 2008.

    Ferrari will have another top team to race against now. If Bernie can pick off Toyota and maybe Honda too, it will be game over for the GPMA.

    And where does this leave McLaren?

    The timing is interesting because whereas at the start of the year McLaren was having to tighten its belt, it has just landed a massive new title sponsor from the computing world as well as deals with Hilton hotels and Johnnie Walker.

    So the money is there.

    And the Mercedes effort looks more solid now with F1 fan Dr Zetsche recently taking over as president of parent company Daimler Chrysler.

    McLaren has strength in depth and will weather Newey's departure, but it will ask significant questions of the top engineers who must now fill his shoes.

    It's not easy - Williams hasn't won a world title since Newey left them (discounting 1997 when he designed the car but left before the season started)

    Newey has been at McLaren for nine years - longer than he stayed at Williams - and a long time in a job by anyone's standards.

    In terms of his relationship with the key figures, Newey lost out in a battle of wills with McLaren MD Martin Whitmarsh over the 2004 car.

    Whitmarsh's plan was for an evolution of 2003's MP4/18, which never raced, to be running in November 2003. Newey wanted to take more time to build a different car for the start of 2004 season.

    The 2004 car was not initially a success, only by mid season, when it had been heavily modified at considerable expense, was it quick.

    It is interesting that Newey has let the clock run down on his contract, like a footballer on a Bosman.

    He will now be free to go to Red Bull with no period of gardening leave because his contract ends in the New Year.

    He will have little immediate impact on the 2006 car, which has been designed by Mark Smith, but his influence will become clear very quickly and the 2007 car should be pretty special.

    To sum up, it's a significant day in F1 history.

    It's bad news for McLaren, great news for Red Bull Racing, Bernie Ecclestone and perhaps also for fans of F1, because we will soon have another top team making the challenge for the world championship even more competitive.

    James Allen's verdict on Newey at Red Bull

    Re: Adrian Newey leaves McLaren and signs for Red Bull!!

    That's definately a blow for McLaren, but unless Kimi drives his car too jard or receives the same amount of bad luck next season I think he will be pretty competitive.

    Re: Adrian Newey leaves McLaren and signs for Red Bull!!

    Yes, I was only rubbing your nose in it a little bit
    I think Kimi (and McLaren) will be a force to be reckoned with next year as well.

    And I'm not too worried about Red Bull until 2007, which will be Newey's first "clean" car design for Red Bull. And besides, they need some new drivers as well, DC and Klien aren't championship material if you ask me.

    Re: Adrian Newey leaves McLaren and signs for Red Bull!!

    Great Read...Thanks!

    Re: Adrian Newey leaves McLaren and signs for Red Bull!!

    Im a Mclaren fan but reckon they will be fine with their massive budget. This is great for F1- it will only increase competition.

    Re: Adrian Newey leaves McLaren and signs for Red Bull!!

    Great! Fierce competition makes the sport so much more interesting. I just hope next year will be as exciting as this year was.

    Re: Adrian Newey leaves McLaren and signs for Red Bull!!

    According to, this was no shocking surprise.
    McLaren cool on Newey departure

    The announcement of Adrian Newey's imminent move to Red Bull has come as no surprise to McLaren, who have been preparing for his exit for quite some time.

    "The pressures of working for a front running Formula One team are intense and we have been aware for quite some time that Adrian was looking for a new challenge with a smaller team," said the team in a statement. "The decision to leave McLaren was both amicable and mutual and we wish him all the best in the future.

    "For the past two years Adrian has been fully involved in the restructuring of McLaren's technical team in preparation for his planned departure. This team has already worked successfully together on the MP4-20 and continues to be fully focused on the MP4-21."



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