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    Rennteamers in Paris?

    My family and I will be in Paris from June 16 to July 3.  Any Rennteamers in Paris, and would you like to meet for a glass of wine?   Might be fun to meet another Rennteamer in person.  Either post a reply or send a PM....

    Re: Rennteamers in Paris?


    My family and I will be in Paris from June 16 to July 3.  Any Rennteamers in Paris, and would you like to meet for a glass of wine?   Might be fun to meet another Rennteamer in person.  Either post a reply or send a PM....

    I've been for a couple of days in Paris last week...I would have loved to meet there.

    The weather wasn't very nice and the Louvre and Pompidou were closed on Tuesdays, the only day we actually had time to visit the city itself, so it was kind of a disappointment. I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of Paris for various reasons and I guess that my daughter (we actually flew over because of her and a class project) won't be a fan of Paris either. It is a beautiful and interesting city, no doubt about it and you can actually "feel" the culture everywhere but I have a different mentality, I guess the French are too close to Germans Smiley and I rather enjoy Italy or cities like Miami or Las Vegas. Or even the Cote d'Azur. To each his own I guess... Smiley

    The only think the kids really loved was...the fresh Baguettes. Smiley When they got a Pizza Margherita with salad on top of it, they refused to eat it. Even after removing the green stuff, the Pizza had a horrible taste. Same goes to the native french cuisine, a friend (who generously provided the F458 for a day and a half, to have some fun with my son) told us that Paris restaurants and bistros are mainly tourist traps and he and his friends usually enjoy the much better food outside Paris. Not sure if true but the food certainly isn't one of the highlights of Paris, I love it much more in Italy and even in the US, where you can find some pretty decent restaurants.

    Oh...I've been the sixth time to Paris, so yes, I know it pretty well. 


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