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    Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?

    I have looked but have been unsuccessful in finding any. I've loved that car since I was 3 feet tall.

    Any help is appreciated!

    PS: Great board you guys have here.

    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?

    Welcome to the board, from a fellow F-Body owner....

    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?

    Thanks man.

    FWIW, here's the car that I'm looking for better pics of.

    The 288GTO Evoluzione is one of those rare earth elements from Maranello built in recent times. During the mid '80s, Ferrari SpA had built several experimental prototypes to break new technological ground for future possibilities. Not even Ferrari can rest on its past laurels, and the '70s Italian economics hadn't really helped them through either! The 408, the Scaglietti, PPG and the 288GTO Evoluzione were among the prototypes that were made public. And while the Evoluzione found its way to a handful of owners, you won't find a word of the car in the official website.

    With the 288GTO announced at the Geneva Show in March 1984, Ferrari had mounted their V8 production engine north-south for the first time. Now with the engine mounted more competition friendly with a turbocharger to boot, Ferrari was making plans to make a return to some dicing on the tarmac or asphalt with a model derived from the new GTO. A minimum of 200 cars were required for Group B and homologation was issued to the GTO on June 1, 1985.

    As the name implies the 288 GTO Evoluzione was an evolutionary version of the 288GTO, of which 20 could be built under the then FIA homologation. The GTO name was not just a nostalgic look back in time.

    Historically, it was in some ways a contradiction: Ferrari had its first major success in motorsport by beating the all mighty supercharged Alfa Romeo 158/9 and hence the start of the Ferrari legend with naturally aspirated engines.

    Group B racing made possible monster 4WD machines with power to boot from the turbocharged engines. Your friendly Peugeot 205s were transformed into beasts competing against the Audi Quattros and Lancia Deltas in rallying. Ferrari, no doubt in cooperation with Giuliano Michelotto's shop in Padova had been silently developing a racer based on the 288GTO, but maintaining the rear wheel drive, to hail a return to sportscar racing in style. But, of course, the Evoluzione was a factory project instigated by Ferrari's then general manager Giovanni Battista Razelli and engineered by a team headed by Paolo Materazzi.

    Then, in May 1986 during the Tour de Corse, the fast and champion candidate, Henri Toivonen, fatally crashed his factory Lancia Delta S4. Added with another major accident earlier in the season, Group B racing was finished for good. The Evoluzione had lost its place before birth.

    Double click to Imola in 1989, now at Ferrari Club Italia's Imola event, a 288GTO Evoluzione magically appeared along with a horde of interesting racing sports cars in June 1989.

    For a long time it was thought that only three had been built. However research by Mr. Jacques Swaters at FF Galleria reveals five had been built. I am indebted to FF Galleria for their kind cooperation with the S/Ns which are 70167, 70205, 79887, 79888 and 79889. All were sold to renowned collectors in the late '80s.

    The look of the 288GTO Evoluzione is unique. The stubby nose with its rectangular headlights is unique. Seen in the metal, it seems more bulbous than the 288GTO yet one size smaller and more taunt than the F40. The engine cowl opens upwards and the engine is mounted low and the view is dominated by the two red air induction cambers and the Behr intercooler. The engine itself is a variation of the DOHC four valve 288GTO engine with the twin IHI (Ishikawajima Harima Industries) turbochargers with a total displacement at 2855cc with maximum output of 620bhp plus.

    The radiator is mounted in the nose with the pipes running to the back of the car on the right side (passenger side). While there is a well for what looks to be for a spare wheel, the nose cavity contains only the brake master cylinders and the battery. The oil cooler is at the rear right corner of the car.

    The interior is stark, as well. The nasel for the meters are small with only three instruments. There is no speedometer of course, and the tachometer is numbered to 10,000rpm and the turbo boost meter numbered to 5 bar.

    The front suspension is by A arms and coil, the rear suspension layout of upper and lower A arms with coil/damper and the anti roll bar running behind the unit. The upper A arm has mounts for an alternative mount and is adjustable. The A arms looked smaller in diameter than the GTO and F40, but measurements were not done. The wheels fitted today are five spoke O.Z. wheels with gold colored Brembo brake calipers lurking in the dark. The tires were 265/620 x 16 inch at the front. The rear are 290/660 x 16 Pirelli Zero slick tires during the photo session.

    This 288GTO Evoluzione has chassis number 70167 and is the second built. Completed December 1988, it was delivered to Mr. Pierre Bardinon, the renowned Ferrari enthusiast and collector in 1989. It was imported to Japan in the '90s by Art Sports, the exotic car dealer who also sponsored the F40LM IMSA racing efforts by Ferrari France. The car is now owned by Mr. Yoshikuni Okamoto of Kobe, Japan.

    Mr. Okamoto kindly commented on his car. "Compared to the F40LM and F50GT, the Evoluzione is much lighter. The car weight is very light. Therefore, the handling is more sharp and comparatively easier to turn in at the corners. The turbo is a type from the previous generation, so it is a monster and comes on very abruptly and strong. Much more so than the F40 production version."

    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?

    How about these?

    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?


    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?


    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?


    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?


    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?


    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?

    This car is driven by my friend Peter Hardman. Plenty more pics in the attached thread;

    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?

    Wow, awesome car!

    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?

    Thanks Tony for the pics!!!

    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?

    Here are a few more.. From Goodwood 2005 in the UK

    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?


    Re: Anybody have any GTO Evoluzione pics to post?

    Here is another GTO



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