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    Dallas area Porsche dealer

    can anybody in Dallas recommand a good realiable dealer in Dallas?

    I'm going shopping this weekend, looking for 04 Cayenne S

    Re: Dallas area Porsche dealer

    Dallas/Fort Worth has three dealerships - Park Place in downtown, Boardwalk in Plano(to the north) and Autobahn in Fort Worth. The one in Dallas is a Premier Dealership (Porsche likes them) the one in Plano has won #1 customer service for the past two years. Visit both, see which appeals to you.

    Re: Dallas area Porsche dealer

    Park Place used to be the place to go if you wanted good service and a fair price. I have bought many cars from Park Place (Mercedes, Porsche)in the past years, but the last few that I have purchased have come from Boardwalk (Porsche) and Ewing (Mercedes), and I only live 2 miles away from Park Place. Their attitude at Park Place, while still cordial, is just not as accommodating as that of Boardwalks. As far as pricing is concerned, Boardwalk is far easier to deal with than Park Place. The reason for this is that most of the managers currently at Boardwalk came over from Park Place. So the new Boardwalk is kind of like the old Park Place (with their managers and sales staff), and the new Park Place is just not connected to the community like in past years.

    Autobahn in Fort Worth is not bad. They probably have the best prices, but they are a small dealership with limited inventory, and they are hard to get to since they are in Fort Worth.

    Re: Dallas area Porsche dealer

    I've gotten to know the people at Park Place very well...unfortunately. There have been multiple problems with the electronics in my TT, and the PP service people haven't been sufficiently trained (or Porsche doesn't yet know) how to fix the problems I've had. Lots of trips to the dealer for the same problem. When a part is ordered, I don't find out it's in...unless I call. When the part arrives, too often it is the wrong part! If the PP techs say they fixed the problem, odds are they haven't; I have to check it personally...before I drive the car away.

    I think PP is well meaning, but I am going to try the Plano dealership. Perhaps they are better trained.


    Silver '04 TT

    Re: Dallas area Porsche dealer

    Would you please specify what problems you have with your Cayenne Turbo? Thanks.

    Re: Dallas area Porsche dealer

    All problems have been related to electronics--most have software. Most are minor but all are annoying:

    1. Passenger front seat conrol dead on arrival. Two trips to dealer to fix.

    2. Unable to calibrate compass.

    3. Remote entry and drive: each remote key cancelled the programming of the other. Three trips to dealer; two parts, plus software updates.

    4. Lurching problem. A great improvement after software was successfully installed...but required an overnight stay, and consultation with PCNA in order to get the software to take!

    5. Rear window up-down buttons operated in reverse order compared to front (i.e. pull button up to open, vs. push button down). Problem created when remote entry and drive was repaired. Required 2 days in shop and another software patch.

    6. Visual display of some items in the center window were compressed. Another software revision needed.

    My TT was delivered in April, so I believe it was one of the first production vehicles for the US. Perhaps the lesson is not to take early production units! I do love the vehicle, however, and have absolutely no regrets.




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