So while my good friend is back in the US for squadron officer school I am responsible for his personal stuff here in Germany, to include his '06 Cobalt Blue Boxster. He recently had it in for service at the local Porsche dealer because something to the effect of a valve spring and tappet broke causing a knocking in the engine. After it was supposedly fixed I picked up the car for him and noticed that now between 2100-3000 RPM there is a noticeable engine vibration that isn't reminiscent of the buttery smooth flat-6 that I know of. So in again it goes. To top it off while i was doing some test driving I managed to run over a 1/2" bolt by who the heck knows how long lodged into the rear Conti Winter tire So not only will it go in for open heart surgery again but now I have to pay 240 Euro for a tire that will only be used for about a month before going back to summers!!!!

ahhhhhhhh...sorry for the rant just had to share.

As soon as it's all fixed and nice day is here I will do a photo op with his and my car.