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    discount without asking

    Ordered my S today fully prepared to pay MSRP. Silver, blue, lights and center console painted. Dealer gave me a $1000USD discount without me even asking. Sweet...
    Payed for the floor mats at least.

    Re: discount without asking

    Discount!!!??? OK you UK guys - get ready to lynch him!!!

    Re: discount without asking

    Rich C (UK) said:
    Discount!!!??? OK you UK guys - get ready to lynch him!!!

    I'll get my stick... the pointy one...

    At least we should get a better re-sale value.

    Re: discount without asking

    I was quoted MSRP and happily agreed to it based upon expected demand for the car. My car won't be here for another 6 weeks so maybe I have some haggling to do....


    Re: discount without asking

    Mmhh - I had 2 offers for the 987S here in Switzerland and both dealers offered 4.5 to 5% off without any "motivation" to do so from my side.

    Re: discount without asking

    hahaha i cant believe people pay MSRP or settle for little discounts.

    it is EASY to get 6-7% off MSRP on a NEW porsche of any model (except CGT) (in the USA at least)

    you know what they say, a fool and his money are easily parted.

    i recieved an 8K USD discount off a brand new 05 GT3 with some tinkering and playing some small mind games.

    and if you've already ordered and signed documents, its too late to haggle for a discount...

    anyways, its your money.

    Re: discount without asking

    Nice buy! Perhaps there is more markup in the slightly higher priced models. Of course it sounds like you did more negotiating as I did none. A buddy of mine bought a 2004 986 and said he did major haggling. Went round and round as he put it. He got $1500 off. He got one off the showroom floor that came with a hardtop so he said it was basically the hardtop thrown in. A hardtop in Phoenix is nothing more than garage furniture.

    Re: discount without asking

    Obviously, the dealerships do different deals depending on the location/market. So being in the UK or LA,CA probably makes it harder to bargain than NYC or other places with bad weather. Moogle's comment sounds bordering on arrogance.

    Anyways, I would think the profit margin on the GT3 is probably higher than an Boxster.

    It always makes sense to check around, unless the dealership that you visit gives you a deal that you're happy with.

    Re: discount without asking

    So here is my question. Am I getting a good deal if I get my Boxster S tax free and at MSRP?

    Re: discount without asking

    it is EASY to get 6-7% off MSRP on a NEW porsche of any model (except CGT) (in the USA at least)

    7% on new models!!! That's very impressive.
    Can our other american members comfirm that please?
    Are Porsche sales doing that bad in the States?
    I know they make 13% on new cars from Porsche AG.

    About the GT3 discount, that sounds reasonnable, it's a 996.

    Re: discount without asking

    Posting from Texas or still over seas ?

    Re: discount without asking

    In Houston, arrived yesterday!
    What a crap weather! Well at least, it's warmet than Scotland!

    Re: discount without asking

    i can tell you guys, its not difficult to get a big discount on these days, especially around september/november when the winter is about to come in NYC.

    i hope i don't come off as arrogant, but i do want people to know that dealers have MUCH more wiggle room than they make it out to be.

    if you aren't getting at least 3k off a new porsche model, you are being shafted, and the dealer is laughing all the way to the bank.

    in fact, in the NYC area, on cars over the 40-50k price point, 3k is a starting point for me.

    i got 4000 off my BMW versus 1000 off (at a stubborn local dealership) just by driving 30 extra miles.

    dealers are willing to MOVE these cars.

    at this point in time (february 2005) dealers should be offering at least 10% off new 996s, 6-7% off the higher echelon models

    on 997s, you should be able to get 5-7% off with some shopping around.

    don't go with a dealer because its convinent, you can always get your car serviced there, but if you just drive an hour extra, you may find some VERY good deals.

    i can't speak for california because ive only lived there a few months of my life, but in the northeast/NYC area, and with the relationships ive developed with some dealers, its not difficult at all to get the types of discounts i describe.

    however, if people are content getting 1000~ off a new car, fine.

    don't make me out to be the bad guy, im trying to save YOU money by making you a smarter consumer. people who are calling me names must be feeling stupid that they got pathetic or no discounts on their cars...

    Re: discount without asking

    good points and thx for the info...just pointing out that dealers may behave different in different areas... I think the UK buyers can probably second this.

    driving up to 50 miles or so is definitely worth a good deal....

    I did get around 5-7% off of the 987 I just purchased in California -- drove 20 miles away

    Re: discount without asking

    Well Arizona only has 2 dealerships which pretty much sucks considering Scottsdale has so much cash. Trying to see what the "standard" discount is, I sent out my specs to a few dealers including 1 in San Diego and a few of the ones on ebay. The most I could get off was 2K (3-4%) but they wanted some big shipping charge. This was via email of course so I suppose it's possible to go lower. The other AZ dealership offered 0 off and said the earliest build date would be May. In the end I expected none and got $1K but probably could have got $2K. I sort of wish I had asked earlier as another $1k off would have been nice. I'll just split the difference and remember this for my next Porsche.

    Re: discount without asking

    Phoenix is definitely not the place to buy a Porsche what with only the one dealer. Check out the back of Autoweek for the names of dealers that offer discounts, then fly in and drive it home, do the break-in period on the drive home and start to drive it as God intended when you get home.

    There is one dealer in Kansas that always advertises in Autoweek that offers to order at a discount. It is possible that the Phoenix dealer will match an out of state deal to avoid losing the order, but you should sniff out the sales manager to try this rather than a salesman.

    Small discount

    Got a small discount as I haggled the bloke at the dealer - only Pounds350 but hey, still something!

    Re: discount without asking

    I got $3660 off a moderately optioned 987 S ordered in December and delivered on 2/22/05, which worked out to about 6% off sticker. I have a long-term service relationship with the Dealer, but have never bought a car from them. I'm in NJ, USA.

    Re: discount without asking

    where in NJ did you get your car


    Re: discount without asking

    flojo - I responded to your private message with complete information. If you did not receive it today (noon on Tuesday), send an email to

    Re: discount without asking

    Add to the list a free set of colour wheel badges! After the sale!!!! Thats Pounds450 discount now but if its any consolation I have to pay Pounds100 for the mats!!

    Re: discount without asking

    I sent an email to the dealer saying I heard people in AZ were getting $3k discounts. He bumped the discount to $2500. Thanks for your help everyone!

    This is as it should be!

    badbradphx said:
    I sent an email to the dealer saying I heard people in AZ were getting $3k discounts. He bumped the discount to $2500.

    Even though this is a new model year, dealers have to be realistic, especially in light of their beefy 13% mark-up. Or is it 10% this year?

    Anyone know for sure?

    Nicely done.



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