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    2008 CTT initial impressions

    Just returned from a 2000 mile round trip in our new CTT. Some observations:

    1)excellent touring car. Gobbles up distances with ease and is very comfortable. No tram lining despite 21" Pirellis and constant sport mode.

    2)HVAC works great - constant cold air despite 96F+ temps and running 12 hours straight

    3)sound system is one of the better ones I have ever heard in a factory car

    4)slight shudder on passing maneuvers in the driveline - not really hesistation but I can feel a slight shake or stumble like the engine is running rough. I tried adding octane boost to the 93 but no improvement until temps cooled in the evenings to <85F - is this the dreaded coil issues?

    5)minimal brake dust compared to other Porsches

    6)horrendous gas mileage - cruising at 90-100 mph we got 14mpg with a 20mph tailwind. On the return into a headwind we got 12mpg!

    7)overall a great touring vehicle, pretty stealthy and on par with our old E55 with respect to long distance cruising

    Re: 2008 CTT initial impressions

    Eclou, thank you for your summary (good initiative), please find my observations: (CCT08, log: ODO=2760km, 61hr, 45kph, 18.1 l/100km, 15.4mpg UK)

    1) Indeed excellent touring car, effortless driving at low as well as high speeds, 1000km is nothing (Muscat to Dubai is a doddle). People in the back are very comfortable as well, especially with rear seat entertainment for the kids. I would recommend PDCC as this will keep her nice and level. Porsche's air suspension is spot on as the air suspension on my wifes Landcruiser is too soft and wobbles too much (overall 10 out of 10).

    2) 4 zone air conditioning works well in 42C+/110F+ almost on a daily bases here. Get's cool air going quickly and cools down the compartment fast. However not as good as the Landcruiser's AC which would have turned me in the ice man if I had put it in low all the time. (7 out of 10)

    3) Sound system good and easy to operate (Radio, CD etc), Satnav OK (haven't used it as yet, apart from the MAP), voice control fantastic, no AV input for IPOD. The rear view camera is a bit of a gimmick, nice to have but its use is questionable. Phone facilities are great and people come through nice and clear. I have though a problem with my dual sim (sim in car) as the sim card doesn't seem to disconnect leaving my gsm not picking up any voice calls (as soon as I use my gsm all is OK again) (8 out of 10)

    4) I have noticed a slight judder as well (remember that you very quickly get used to the limo driving conditions hence every little judder, creek and noise is noticed --> only be the driver though) however I think the slight hesitation is because in non SPORT mode the car gears up (6th) quickly hence needs to gear down to accelerate. I normally don't go hard on the throttle hence it takes slightly longer to gear back. Talking about noises &#61664; 'creeks', when the car is hot I have a creek coming from the dashboard on the passenger side, I haven't managed to locate it, it's annoying though (9 out of 10)

    5) Comparing the break dust with my BMW X5 (4.8is), I think the Cayenne has far more break dust making the alloys dirty very quickly. I like my car spotless and the alloys take most of my time to clean (try to wash your car in 44C ) (7 out of 10)

    6) Average consumption significant and I do approx 410km per tank(+/-88ltr, 12ltr reserve). (7 out of 10)

    7) Twin turbo Engine, one word fantastic however I have a slight 'whine' at 1500rpm (can be heard stationary while pushing the throttle) Again I am probably far to sensitive but I have mentioned it to my dealer and they are going to look at it at the first service (3000km) (9 out of 10)

    8) Tiptronic gearbox is very smooth, you hardly notice changing gear (Smoother than my X5 and Landcruiser). I sometimes think she is gearing up to quickly. Definitely no 'neck' breaking as I have seen threads of. However she gets far more sensitive to the throttle when in SPORT mode, what could do some damage if you floor it. (9 out of 10)

    9) The active cornering lights is a fantastic feature and very handy. The headlights should be turning while cornering as well (slightly) however I haven't noticed this as yet (9 out of 10)

    10) She has good luggage space and the auto gate in my opinion is a must. I have the full height plastic liner in the back what keeps the compartment spotless

    11) Overall, definitely the best car I have owned so far, even wifie likes it. (9 out of 10)

    Re: 2008 CTT initial impressions

    below is a psot summarizing my GTS drive. the comparative is my turbo, so in effect it is also a comment on my initial turbo impressions.

    well i drove it for an hour last night and put 60km on it. Overall, it is an amazing vehicle.

    1. it did take a bit to get over the speed of the Turbo. initially the GTS just seemed slow but after 20 minutues or so you relaized this is a fast machine, just not blindingly fast.

    2. two things make it much more engaging than the turbo. one of course is the manual transmission. now i only use the console shifter on the tip of the turbo, so at least that much connection is already there but there is nothing like the manual. the throw is long and desperatly needs some form of short shifter mod.

    the other element is the useability of the rpm range. 2nd gear was fanatastic in the 60km/hr (40mph) traffic zones. it was perfect and you could take it from 3k to 6k rpm - just back in forth in that power range. 3rd gear is great in the 90km (55mph) zones; always in the power band and you could take it up to redline all the time. bottom line is that you can use the upper RPM's in this manual GTS far more than the turbo; if you pop the turbo to redline in anything but 1st gear, then in Ontario at least you blow into car impounding excesses over the speed limit.

    3. well no turbo lag, but that is exchanged with the fact that it is just slower. if you are doing 110km on the higher you are at about 4k rpm. so if you pin that you are too low in the power band so essentally you have mimicked the turbo lag. you need to downshift to 3rd which takes you to about 5k rpm and change so you only have about a 1.5k rpm to hit it and got to 4th now to take off.

    4. no PDCC - put it this way, if that GTS had been optioned with PDCC, i would have finished the deal on the spot. - bottom line i had found it that fun. w/o PDCC there was much more roll. i drove in double sport 90% of the time so this is minimized, but definitley notice the loss of the almost totally flat drive of the PDCC. this flatness of the PDCC is felt on every aggressive lane change and any hard city cornering. if you only do those super smooth Jackie Stewart like lane changes you will not miss PDCC. having said that , i can't believe the dealers are continuing to talk customers out of it all the time. ( of course none of their spec's were ordered like that so not too hard to see!) anyway, the only point of real hesitation is that i may order a new GTS with PDCC. That PDCC is not a small tech tweak on the car; if you have a changable order in on a GTS or Turbo - get PDCC imo. the one plus of no PDCC is back to the "engaging" element. the limiited body roll of the sport mode really does add to the aura of speed etc.

    4. comfort of those new seats blows the existing seats out of the water. the side and thigh bolstering are much better. the alcantera holds you in place. they seemed a bit softer and so the sport setting was softened a bit when it hit your @ss. reminds me very much of the sports seats in my 4S. they allow the car to get away with no PDCC as you do end up needing the side bolster when you push.

    5. sound - completly amazing because you get to use the upper rpm range of the GTS so much when you are screaming around. that running at higher rpm's imo makes the experience less transferable to the turbo because you need to get over 4k rpm. when at rest, you could get the same experience with a turbo, but not while out screaming around town. windows open or closed, you hear exhaust not engine; not intrusive - just bloody fun!

    all in all, the GTS is not a highway crusier as it is just geared way to high. 120 km /hr (70mph) you are doing something like 3,300 rpm vs about what 1,700 rpm in the turbo. if freeway driving is not on your menu most of the time and your environment allows for a clutch, this is imo perhaps the only car you need. it is that much fun; the turbo will get you to your desired speed faster everytime, but the GTS will be more fun getting there.

    as a final note, given the willingness to rev to redline - smooth engine, amazing sounds etc - the mileage on the average day of GTS driving will be shocking. i was using 21 ltr / 100km - maybe 10 or 11 miles to the gallon? even taking it on those inevitable hwy cruises will likely shock you as it is geared so high.

    Re: 2008 CTT initial impressions

    CPA4S, thanks for your GTS impression, I also have a manual GTS on order and I was pondering PDCC. I understand your situation in the states is different because you do not get the Steel Spring/Tuned PASM combo that is standard on the GTS, rather you get the Air Suspension and the option to go PDCC. Supposedly, the combo we get is much more sportier and that's what I opted for. If I were forced to take the Air Suspension, I'd ponder PDCC ... Anyway you look at it, the GTS is a sporty beast and you just confirmed it

    Re: 2008 CTT initial impressions

    muhri said:
    ............ I was pondering PDCC.......... If I were forced to take the Air Suspension, I'd ponder PDCC ..

    Hi Murhi,

    Although I haven't driven the GTS I have had a go in CS and CTT with and without PDCC. I think PDCC is almost a no brainer, it keeps the car very level (as you know) what give you much greater confidence during cornering. Although the option is expensive, IMO it is an option you need to have, I am sure you will get it back in the residual value.



    Re: 2008 CTT initial impressions

    Hi Mark,

    You are right its expensive, about $7000 more - $3500 for the air suspension then $3500 for PDCC since you have to take the Air Suspension in order to have PDCC. I can not bring myself to do it since Porsche intended the GTS to have a sportier suspension, its not about the money but I somehow think that if I get PDCC, the car will have an artificial feel. I like it raw (see my 911)

    Re: 2008 CTT initial impressions


    the PDCC and air suspension really make the new Cayenne whether in GTS or TT form. I would not have bought the car if these were not available. They are expensive but separate the Cayenne from the competition

    Re: 2008 CTT initial impressions

    Hi Murhi,

    I agree with your comments as well as Eclou's comments (confusing????) Indeed the air + PDCC will give the GTS another feel and you will compromise on the raw sportiness so I can understand if you say I want an ultimate sport SUV (referring to the GTS impression thread) I will take the steel springs and PASM. However I agree with Eclou as well, air in SPORTS mode + PDCC will set the SUV miles apart from any other brandt (non even close IMO, hence my CTT08)

    Another example (for reference) is that my X5 4.8is E53 with hydraulic suspension (probabaly similar stiffness as steel springs) was unconfortable on the longer runs. The 'old' X5 in it self was a beast with road holding well better than the Mk1 Cayenne (miles difference). The PDCC has given the Cayenne the upper hand again --> and I would definitely agree.



    Re: 2008 CTT initial impressions

    Enjoyed reading your helpful review again, thanks.  A question or two about the Porsche Entertainment System, which I will likely order on my car.  I have young kids and know how happy my wife and I are when the kids are quiet in the back!

    Can separate videos or games be played on each screen? 

    Do you recommend the system?  Drawbacks?

    Re: 2008 CTT initial impressions

    Hi Wonderbar (great name)

    Thank you. Referring to the entertainment system in my car, I opted not to go for the original Porsche system as it is very bulky and almost twice as expensive. Sata (our local Porsche dealer) offers a built-in two screen (7") system with wireless head phones. The system works very well and our 4 year old loves it. I would say it is an absolute must, especially on long drives or even just to distract when they are in a tantrum (smile). As mentioned the two screens can be individually adjusted and have seperate head phones however the left screen has only the capability to 'swallow' DVD's and obviously this can be viewed on both screens. I don't think games can be played on it as it is purely a DVD player (no PS3/Xbox etc), music can be played as well.

    No drawbacks (even wifie is concidering a mobile DVD player for our landcruiserSmiley) As mentioned I highly recommend the entertainment system (being this Porsches original or the one I have), so nice to have the wee chatterbox 'quiet' for a while (hi hi hi)

    Just to mention that my after marked dvd system is completely intergrated, no idea how they do it but nothing apart from the screens are can be seen.

    Hope this helps



    2008 Cayenne Turbo 2007 BMW X5 4.8is (sold) 2007 Landcruiser Prado 1997 Wrangler TJ 1957 LR

    Re: 2008 CTT initial impressions

    Thanks Mark!  Your comments confirm my intention to get the system.  We are planning a two week trip in Austria, Gernany and Switzerland in mid April, and my wife and I also value some quiet time with our seven and thirteen year old children in the back.  I think the Porsche system allows for a video on one screen and a game on the other, which prevents rivalry over what movie to watch.  As I hope to pick up a new Cayenne in Leipzig at the start of our trip, I am going to go ahead and get the integrated system.

    Thanks also for the compliment on the name.  It is clearly a reference to the German word, and makes a nice license plate "1DBAR" on my 1961 Super 90 Roadster...



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