This is why I wouldn't buy a small company's supercar. After spending big $$$ for a Zonda, existing owners now get rewarded with a "facelift" in just a couple of years, bringing to the public eyes the mayor flaws of the "old" model and not only making them apparent bellow the skin, but also with exterior touches that makes it also clearly differentiated to the eye with even a new badge and everything in order to justify a mark-up at the expense of their past custormers
If I had bought a Zonda I would be pissed, how long has the now "old version" been only in production? A supercar is not a regular car that gets facelifts and rebadged like mass produced models to boost sales, they may get progresively "revised" or improved in some details as production continues but imagine if Porsche or Ferrari came out suddently now a new facelifted CGT S, Enzo R just after they finished cashing the deliveries of the initial ones? these changes should be done progresively and with new badges on the existing Zonda.

I like Pagani and what they produce, and I'm sure this will be a great supercar (my second favorite), but not a nice move from Pagani IMO.