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    Random functionality on PCM with Dension

    With the Dension unit in has anyone worked out a way for the PCM to stay in Random mode. It seems to re-set itself everytime the car is turned on........I am fairly positive that this is a PCM issue and not a Dension it possible for the PCM to be programmed to remain in random mode?

    Re: Random functionality on PCM with Dension

    I don't know the answer to your question, but I am terribly bored so I respond anyway. The PCM has alot of loose ends (e.g. no mute, no pause button, radio comes on when whole thing is turned on, NAV drops roads when magnified, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.). I hope they are refining the software and I would EXPECT they will offer the upgrade to us all for free (yeah right). Anyway, my bet is you won't get what you want from the PCM; it's just not that feature-rich (yet?).

    Re: Random functionality on PCM with Dension

    Whats the source? If its the iFlop then i suspect you need ti ensure that the random command is passed to the unit from the PCM.

    If its via USB mass storage then i's assume fault lies with the PCM considering it is reading and playing the music files. What happens if you were to use the single dash cd, set on random and restarted?



    Re: Random functionality on PCM with Dension


    Re: Random functionality on PCM with Dension

    Single CD on dash will reset the random play function when you restart the car as well.

    Re: Random functionality on PCM with Dension

    It must be the PCM, as the MP3 random functionallity works the same way. It also is not really 'random' - it merely has a different but fixed sequence for the disk. So, you have two potential sequences to listen to - the tracks in the order they appear, and one other.

    Does the Dennison behave the same way?

    Re: Random functionality on PCM with Dension

    I have the Ice Link Plus in my other car (still have not installed the Gateway 500), and I set the IPod to shuffle and then connect to the Ice Link, it plays a randon mix based on the IPod not the cars shuffle. I have also found that after 99 songs it keeps playing through all my songs.

    If this doesn't work on the Gateway 500 then please let me know as I want to start figuring out my playlists.

    Re: Random functionality on PCM with Dension

    I have the Gateway 500, and the random play resets itself (to normal mode) when you shut the car off and pull the key. When you restart, it picks up with the song that was playing, and as applicable, the playlist you were in, but will be in sequential mode. I am not sure whether the PCM, the Gateway or the Ipod is generating the random song selection, when you pick it.

    I suspect it's not the PCM doing it, since the PCM random pattern is very repetitive, and from my limited use thus far, the random selection through the Dension is better.



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