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    LP640 MY 09

    Murciélago LP 640 MY09 (starting from wk 22 / 2008)
    Product Information (n*1/2008 LP 640)
    Murciélago LP 640 MY09 - Product Information
    1.1.1 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 New standard contents - Performance
    Carbon Ceramic Brakes
    * This technology guarantees maximum efficiency and effective in every condition, constant pedal response
    and avoids dangerous effects of fading during an intensive usage.
    For this reason the Carbon Ceramic Brakes System can be considered as the
    best solution for both "everyday" and "track"
    * Front & Rear: 6-pistons front callipers, 380 mm x 38 mm brake discs
    1.1.2 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 (e.gear version only) New standard contents - Performance
    "Corsa" mode, available in combination with e.gear only; it replaces "Sport" mode
    * The new "Corsa" mode when activated guarantees:
    - Faster gear shifting timing
    - Faster engine response
    - An uncompromising and aggressive LP 640 driving & performances feeling
    1.1.3 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 New standard contents - Functional, Interior Design
    New Board Computer Function; New Lifter Switch Design
    * Additional Board Computer Function* :
    * this function shows the engine power "in use" as percentage (%CV) on a board computer display
    * New Window Lifter Switch design
    1.1.4 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 New standard contents - Functional, Entertainment
    Radio Kenwood
    * Touch Screen Monitor TFT 7.0"
    * DVD (DVD/DIVX/mpeg/jpeg/mp3/wma/aac),CD-R/RW playback, CD text
    * Built-in Dolby Digital and dts 5.1 decoders
    * New Navigation System available as OPTION
    (Built-in Advanced 3d-maps Navigation System and on internal flash memory hard disc 40 gb)
    1.1.5 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 New standard contents - Functional, Entertainment
    I-POD preparation and USB interface, available at the same time
    * Both connectors placed in the central glove box, please note that CD-Changer NOT longer available Bluetooth
    1.1.6 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 (Roadster Only) New standard contents - Exterior Design
    Under Side Engine Bonnet in Visible Carbon Fibre
    * The Option "Underside Engine Bonnet in combination with Engine Frame in Visible Carbon Fibre" is NOT longer available
    1.2 New options
    1.2.1 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 New options - Functional
    Rear View Camera, rear view camera is automatically activated when reverse gear is engaged
    * The colour image is clearly shown on the TFT Monitor 7.0"
    Rear View Camera position: back rear bumper grill integrated
    Zoom area "under control" using when activated Rear View Camera
    1.2.2 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 New options - Exterior Design
    Transparent Engine Bonnet, now available for LP640 Roadster, too
    1.3 New AD PERSONAM feature
    1.3 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 - New AD PERSONAM feature, Matt Exterior Colour
    * Nero Nemesis (Matt Black), now available from MY09*
    * Bianco Canopus (Matt Pearl White), now available from MY09*
    * Marrone Apus (Matt Brown), now available from MY09*
    *Please be informed that due to the Matt Exterior Colour exclusive feature,
    the availability production time could change based on the number of requests
    1.4 Updated options list
    1.5 Exterior & R-top Colours Range
    Interior Trim Lines & Interior Colours
    1.5.1 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 - Exterior Colours Range
    Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. - Product Marketing (02.2008)
    Nero Aldebaran
    Bianco Isis
    Giallo Evros
    Blu Hera
    Grigio Telesto
    Grigio Antares
    Grigio Avlon
    Nero Pegaso
    Verde Draco
    Giallo Orion
    Arancio Atlas
    Verde Ithaca
    1.5.2 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 - Exterior R-top Colours Range
    Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. - Product Marketing (02.2008)
    1.5.3 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 - Interior Trim Lines and Interior Colours
    Interior Trim Lines
    * Unicolour; Asymmetric Interior
    * Bicolour Elegant; Bicolour Sportive
    * Leather/Alcantara trim
    Basic Leather & Stitching Colours
    * Blu Delphinus; Nero Perseus; Marrone Janus; Grigio Sirus
    Contrast Leather & Stitching Colours
    * Giallo Taurus; Avorio Lilium; Arancio Leonis; Bianco Polar; Verde Sagitta
    * Azzurro Australis; Rosso Centaurus; Grigio Phoenix; Beige Myron
    Alcantara Colours
    * Nero Perseus; Avorio Lilium; Verde Sagitta; Grigio Sirius; Blu Vela; Giallo Taurus
    * Blu Delphinus; Grigio Phoenix; Rosso Centaurus; Marrone Janus
    Carpets Colours
    * Blu Delphinus; Nero Perseus; Marrone Janus; Avorio Lilium
    * Rosso Centaurus; Grigio Sirius; Grigio Phoenix
    1.5.4 Murciélago LP 640 MY09 - AD PERSONAM
    Special Exterior upon request
    * Exterior colour out of current range
    * Individual exterior colour sample
    * Matt exterior colour
    Special Interior upon request
    * Leather or Alcantara colour out of current range
    * Individual Leather or Alcantara colour sample
    * Stitching colour out of current range or colour sample
    * Leather or Alcantara Roof Lining in contrast colour
    * Interior trim out of current range
    * Carpets colour out of current range
    * Steering wheel in contrast colour
    * Bicolour Steering Wheel
    * Smooth, Perforated, Suede Leather steering wheel combination at the same time
    * Contrast stitching on steering wheel
    1.6 Sales operations
    1.6 Murciélago LP640 MY09 - SALES OPERATIONS
    LCS - Ordering process
    * The new MY09 will be visible in the LCS System starting from February 27th, 2008
    * The new MY09 options can be ordered through the system starting from the same date
    * All MY08 stored orders will be changed into MY09 by Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.
    New options - Availability date
    * Transparent Engine Bonnet for LP640 Roadster will be available starting
    from wk 30/08 as delivery production week (DPW)
    * Rear View Camera for both LP640 Coupé and Roadster will be available starting
    from wk 30/08 as delivery production week (DPW)

    Re: LP640 MY 09

    That's fanstastic! By the way, I still can't afford one.

    Re: LP640 MY 09

    Lots of small/cool changes that are very user oriented.

    Even though the market for that car is relatively small and loyal (?) Bravo Lambo.

    Porsche needs to listen, their products often get past stale and into outright consumer rage before the flag goes up in Stuttgart.

    Re: LP640 MY 09

    Moogle said:
    Porsche needs to listen, their products often get past stale and into outright consumer rage before the flag goes up in Stuttgart.

    you hit the nail Moogle! Those Porsches are technology wise outdated. The Lambo principle is much more customer oriented. High class needs high class in any area!

    Re: LP640 MY 09

    I'm guessing the base price will be going up too?

    That is what they did with our Lambo dealer here. Because the cars costs so much over here. They added the Hermera and CCB's as standard from this year onwards. But it just meant the base price went up.

    Re: LP640 MY 09

    AM and Lambo are making subtle changes every year to match customer demand (not sure about F). Porsche doesn't... No bluetooth phone or iPod hookup? This is getting beyond ridiculous.



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