nberry said:

Let me have a copy of the article when you find it, Nick.

Hey Fritz, you must have slept through this class as well. Stick with me; I will keep you and Carlos educated.

Well Nick,

The CTS story was in fact one I didn't sleep through. As the article states, CTS was a company started as a joint venture by (then) Daimler Benz and Porsche, and intended specifically to develop and manufacture softtop and hardtop car roofs (= Car Top Systems) for all comers.

To allow competitor car companies to have work done by CTS, that company had to have an "arms-length" relationship to the two companies which started and owned it. Being a lawyer, you should understand that concept.

Porsche does carry out development work for other car manufacturers at its R&D Center in Weissach, but under its own name. The 360 Spider softtop was not one of those projects.

So saying a Ferrari roof developed by CTS was developed by Porsche, because you had problems with it, was just another example of you twisting the facts to try to make your case, Nick! That was obviously one class you didn't sleep through in law school!