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    Re: Calling out a stock 997 TT in the Michigan are


    I agree with bondmid003. Lets not lower ourselves to this level and work on productive topics.


    Re: Calling out a stock 997 TT in the Michigan are

    Yes, let's take two high powered supercars and go street racing. Are you sure daddy will let you borrow the car because you must be 16 years old.

    Oh, I know of Hondas that will run 10's. I guess by your definition, they must be better cars. Take it to a forum where someone might actually give a sh!t.

    Re: Calling out a stock 997 TT in the Michigan are

    Bottom line, if your intentions were to have a friendly race, then it should have been brought up in a friendly manner.

    On another note, we have started to reduce ourselves to childish ways. Both cars are impressive in their own respects. We each have our opinions, and we should express them in ways that are much more civilized than this. If someone is trash talking, then we should let them be. This is a well respected forum that operates with the intentions of creating friendly conversation on all things cars. We have a good group here and we shouldn't be having to start SH!T over a debate that we have beaten to death a million times. If someone wants to go over it again, then they should search the threads...and if they feel like posting something, they should take a new and respectable aproach. And for the record, I am not writting this to bad mouth anyone or anyone's car. There should be cooperation and ZERO tolerance for trash talking and provoking each other in ways that could potentially end up in deadly accidents (i.e. street racing). If you want a challenge, then offer it as a gentlemen and do it on the TRACK. In short, can't we all just get along or at least close this thread?

    Re: Calling out a stock 997 TT in the Michigan are

    Fadis_z : i m ready to race .. i already race with 2 c6 z06 70-1000m and i win the 2 race(3 cars) both of us stock .. its not very fast car ! but its very cheeeap car ! we have 5 997tt choose any one and i race with you ..welcome to kuwait you and your car

    Re: Calling out a stock 997 TT in the Michigan are

    This last comment was the least intelligent post I have ever read .

    Re: Calling out a stock 997 TT in the Michigan are

    trip : thank you !

    Re: Calling out a stock 997 TT in the Michigan are

    bondmid003 said:
    easy_rider911 said:
    Fadiz_s, I don't have a 997TT but I would be more than happy to announce loudly from every rooftop that your cheap but quick car is the fastest thing on 4 wheels ever made by mankind just so that you would shut the f*ck up and take your childish taunting back to the playground you came from. Who gives a flying f*ck if your car is quicker than a 997TT? A Z06 may be very fast but it's a cheap quality product which lacks any class. A bit like your behaviour. Your maturity is inversely proportional to your car's speed. From the childish, idiotic behaviour we've seen from you, it looks like you and your Z06 were obviously made for each other.

    Easyrider, he definitely doesn't speak for all Z owners. That said you've given him exactly the reaction he wants and lowered yourself to his level with insults, name calling and lack of class you speak of

    ...and there is nothing cheap about the Z

    This guy is irritating me too but just by replying you
    doing just what he wanted
    Sure I wanna kick his , just like easy_rider911 prob wants to ... Just let it go and he'll disapear too

    BTW dont diss the car cause you dont like the guy



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