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    Who will buy the last AM One-77?


    Bound and determined to get your hands on an Aston Martin One-77? If so, now's the time to get serious. According to duPont Registry, the very last factory-built One-77 is finally up for sale.

    The car is located in Tampa Bay, Florida, and its exact build number is not known. According to the report, the first and last One-77, build numbers one and 77, were pre-sold to wealthy buyers expecting them to appreciate in value faster than the other 75 One-77 models created.

    In any case, duPont Registry claims there are between five and eight One-77 supercars roaming the streets in the United States, making this one rare Aston Martin. Interested? Better get a move on... and bring along something in the neighborhood of $2 million.

    News Source: duPont Registry via Motor Authority



    Re: Who will buy the last AM One-77?

    I already got mine




    It was by itself in a hot wheels display near the checkout counter at a supermarket. I hadn't looked at Hot Wheels in many years, but could not believe they had AM's let alone the 177 so I bought it and figure it is a great little collector's item. As for the slightly larger one's, Black is really the only color to get with possibly the Aston flame Red as 2nd choice. The one going around the US dealers as a display is a crappy color.

    I have heard a lot of conflicting BS about US cars - the number and status. Some say it is here under show and display rules with some guys claiming they can't be driven ......... my knowledge about S&D is that they can be driven 2500 miles/year.  Whatever it's a beautiful car, the nicest Aston by far, but in the end just another car. I would not take one in place of my 928, but it is one of the few I wouldn't mind having in addition to. Tough to justify that price tag.

    What I would like to see is a well done accurate performance test on one by TG or some respected magazine.

    Re: Who will buy the last AM One-77?

    I saw the One-77 at the Frankfurt show, in a rather dull brown colour as i recall.  But I was surprisingly much more impressed with the AM Zagato.... one of those cars that has real presence in real life but does not translate well to 2D images .   And $thousands cheaper..... Smiley


    2011 Range Rover Sport S/C,  2009 Porsche 911S

    Re: Who will buy the last AM One-77?

    Indeed, that was a poor brown at the IAA. The Zagato was a bright red and looked way hotter!!!

    Nice hot wheels addition! A wise investment.

    Re: Who will buy the last AM One-77?

    I always thought the One-77 wasn't available for sale in the USA because it did not meet NHTSA regs and never received an exemption.

    Re: Who will buy the last AM One-77?

    Ive seen one in London some months ago. The car speaks for itself - very impressive!

    @Racerx - great catch! kiss

    Re: Who will buy the last AM One-77?


    What a coincidence, look at what I picked up a few months ago at a cash register too. 


    And when I picked it up hanging right behind it was an Aventador. Got them both.




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