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    Re: A special treat for a special day.

    The Groom said:
    I had been trying my best not to turn to the dark side. Being addicted to Rennteam was bad enough. I did not need to check my calendar every 5 minutes on top of that. But on my birthday, everything conspired to make me sign on the dotted line. I am now officially a waiter!

    Spec follows:
    Porsche 911 Targa 4S
    E9 Midnight Blue Metallic
    BM Black / Sand Beige Interior
    M6A Black Floor Mats
    342 Heated Seats
    P15 Power Seats
    640 Sport Chrono Package Plus
    666 Module for Telephone PCM
    672 Extended Navigation Module
    680 Bose High End Sound Package
    267 Self-Dimming Mirrors
    567 Tinted Windshield
    XLF Porsche Sport Exhaust
    405 19" Carrera Classic Wheel
    446 Wheel Caps with Colored Crest
    XXZ Foot Rest Aluminum
    431 3-Spoke Multifunction Steering Wheel
    CPA Thicker 3-Spoke Multifunction Steering Wheel
    XMP Leather Sun Visors
    XMZ Rear Center Console in Leather
    XNS Steering Column in Leather
    XTV Door Finishers in Leather
    CDW Y-Trim Steering Wheel in Leather (Black)
    CDZ Gear Lever Trim Leather
    CUV Storage Compartment with Targa 4S Logo
    CVZ Bose Subwoofer Outlets in Leather
    CVT Door and Rear Speakers in Leather
    CVW Rear View Mirror in Leather
    CDU Belt Outlet B-Pillar in Leather
    CDA Air Vent Slats Aluminum Look / Tan Leather Surround
    CCP PCM Package Aluminum Look
    CXB Door Entry Guards: Steel, Illuminated
    498 Delete Model Designation
    900 Factory Delivery

    The car should be ready by early May, right on time for Alpine passes to open again.

    Edit: I'd like to thank all members for their contributions to the board, and especially Carlos F for his support. I hope he won't be mad at me for copying his spec!

    Congrats! That's the color I prefer! Please don't forget to take a lot of pics!


    Re: A special treat for a special day.

    Thank you. Unfortunately, the pictures are going to wait 6 more months.

    By the way, I slightly changed my spec since my original post:
    Original spec (ok, the seats and the steering wheel are wrong):

    Re: A special treat for a special day.

    New spec:

    Biggest changes are:
    249 PDK
    450 PCCB
    99 Customer bicolor natural leather interior
    and a couple more things (see picture).

    Re: A special treat for a special day.

    Sounds great!
    It will definitely be worth the long wait! And it gives you even more time to add options.

    Re: A special treat for a special day.

    249 PDK?

    Can PDK be ordered already? What's the cot of the option? same as tip?

    Re: A special treat for a special day.

    Sorry ADias, I was just speculating. It's supposed to replace the Tiptronic, so I assumed it would be the same option code (and also the same look on the picture).

    @ SVNSVN: the longer I wait, the more money available... it's burning a hole in my pocket if I don't use it!

    Re: A special treat for a special day.

    Not many more options to check! You'll love the PCCB- worth the price, definitely one of my favorites!



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