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    Question about tiptronic

    Hey guys..from all the Porsches i have the pleasure of having a few minutes with we're all manual including the Cayenne S.

    So, i'm asking you guys how the tiptronic feel?Good, bad?Better in cabrios and not in Coupés?

    I also have 2 questions which are:

    -When in manual mode, is it a pain the a** switching gears, specially in curves when you have to reduce???
    -In manual mode does it show in the instruments panel in what gear you are??? and toughts from everybody would be cool...

    Double Woshhhhhhhh..

    Re: Question about tiptronic

    paulorangelmelo said:
    So, i'm asking you guys how the tiptronic feel?Good, bad?Better in cabrios and not in Coupés?

    The Porsche tip is probably the best torque-converter-auto available. I do not have one, but I drove several and they work fine.


    -When in manual mode, is it a pain the a** switching gears, specially in curves when you have to reduce???

    It works fine and in auto mode it actually maintains the gear trough the bend.

    -In manual mode does it show in the instruments panel in what gear you are???

    Yes, there's an LED bar showing the current gear.

    I'm curious... you live in São Miguel, don't you? Are there any Porsches on the island? Pretty small place to support a dealership.

    Re: Question about tiptronic

    Thanks for the reply...

    You know our island???How???Son of Portuguese Emigrants?

    There's no dealership, but there's a company responsible for maintenance of the cars and if you want a new Porsche all you gotta do is ask them.

    The Company is Ilha Verde which is the oficial Ford dealer in S.Miguel.

    As a matter of a fact, the only time i remember seing brand new Porsches in a dealer was when the Boxster was launched.

    As far as Porsches, there's about 20..
    -2004 Black Cayenne S
    -2002 Carmen Red 911 Carrera 4 Cabrio (Check the older threads of the 996 Board, i posted some photos of the car there)
    -1998 Midnight Blue 996 Carrera 2
    -About 10 or 12 Boxsters, the most recents is a blue Boxster S from 2003
    -993 4S (I think it's a 4S but i'm not sure since everytime i see these car is always in a freeways and the dude driving looks like is runing to extinct a fire.
    -2 964 Turbos, 1 is black, the other one i really dont have a clue.
    -930 Cabrio with Turbo Look
    -930 Targa in White
    -2 or 3 356 Cabrios.

    Re: Question about tiptronic

    I have driven Porsche 911 5 speeds for years. Then I got a 98 993S 6speed and could never really find the right gear for what I wanted to do. Too much work for me, so in 02 I bought a 996 C4 TipS.

    As a non-racer I really enjoy the Tip Shift. You can have a lot of fun with the buttons on the wheel, and you don't have to "lift to shift" either way.

    A couple of years ago professional and amateur race drivers tested a 996 Turbo stick and a TipS. The novice racers actually performed better with the TipS, while the professional drivers did so slightly better with a standard.

    Very personal choice. TipS is not "macho" yet, but you certainly can have fun with the TipS. JMHO

    Re: Question about tiptronic

    Re: São Miguel. No son of emigrants, but my wife was born there. I visited the island once. Beautiful, but surprises me there are so many Porsches. I hope you have a mechanic there who knows these things in and out. Some of the issues that can crop up on late models require expert handling.

    As Don said, the Tip S is an excellent transmission and soon the new DSG is quite promising.




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