It depends on the interior color. IMHO it looks ok in a black interior, or a bicolor black/grey interior. It does not in a black/sand beige interior.

FYI the leather switch panel package includes both the air vents and the air vent slats. If you want alu air vent slats, you need to order the CDA Air Vent Slats Aluminum Look option (the part surrounding them will be in interior-color leather). This is the option in Rami's car.
CDA works well with either the stock aluminum look trim strip, or with the optional leather trip strip (CVP).

The leather switch panel package also include the defroster area at the edge of the windshield. You can order it separately as option CNA if you go for the alu slat look.

IMHO the CDA option is excellent and quite affordable (by Porsche standards that is). If you keep the Volcano Grey PCM, then it's a good choice.