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    No Sunroof Delete available for US 997

    997 A sunroof delete option for the 997 Coupe series will not be available for the life span of the vehicle. Federal occupant crash regulations for sunroof versus nonsunroof vehicles and the resultant engineering expense to meet those regulations make this option financially non-viable, for the small number of vehicles configured.

    The US market is the only one that is NOT a la carte and the sunroof comes as standard, not as an option. As well as a host of other options.

    How much difference structuraly is there ? Will this kill the GT3?

    Re: No Sunroof Delete available for US 997

    Or, from a different viewpoint, would it "kill" the GT3 to have a sunroof?? What are we talking here, 5 extra pounds at the most? Yes, I know, at the roof where center of gravity is compromised the most, but still...Sometimes I feel like race car minimalism is based more on weepy-eyed "romantacism" than measureable purpose.

    I'll agree, it does seem silly that it would be that much of an expense or trouble, but I don't think it's a matter of how "different" it is structurally. It's a matter of, regardless of how minimal the change is, having to jump through all of the same regulatory hoops TWICE, having to provide engineering data and conduct crash tests, and compile result data, and all of the outsourced independently contracted crap costing millions that is necessary when you deviate from an already tested and d.o.t. approved structure. It doesn't matter how minimal the change is. When you change it, you have to COMPLETELY re-approach the crash-worthiness of it from scratch. It's easy to underestimate the amount of work and money that gets spent on this kind of stuff, and how one little seemingly innocuous change can be like re-inventing the wheel. Don't second-guess Porsche, I'm sure they ran all the figures and costs and came to a logical conclusion.

    So if that's the cost-smart decision that Porsche has made for the U.S., just produce a GT3 with a sunroof, and likely the only ones who will moan about it are the same nerds that wear driving gloves on the street. On the track, it won't make any measureable difference.

    Re: No Sunroof Delete available for US 997

    This probably has to do more with the documentation required which includes engineering expense. It is proably just too expensive to do it for the one or two cars that have the no sunroof option. Since the GT3 has to go through its own documentation process, and only no sunroof option is available, it will not affect it.

    Re: No Sunroof Delete available for US 997

    Since the GT3 has to go through its own documentation process, and only no sunroof option is available, it will not affect it.

    And you may very well be correct there... If the GT3, by regulation, isn't allowed to ride the coattails of the existing 997 documentation and testing, then they'll have to do all of that from scratch with the GT3, and they'll likely do it sans sunroof.

    However, Porsche may seriously be looking at how slowly the GT3 sold in the U.S. (My dealer has been trying to sell one for a year now), and questioning their sanity to go through the expense and committing the resources to get a 997 GT3 into the U.S.. We'll see. Government red tape, you gotta love it!!!!

    Re: No Sunroof Delete available for US 997

    DARN! Regulations!

    The US cars should come with a pair of clear side markers in the glove compartment.

    The car should also come with a can of body filler, putty knife and touch up paint for those who don't want the sunroof.



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