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    Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Today I ordered a Cayenne Turbo, delivery will be in march 2004.
    Here are the specs:
    1. Titanium met. (my wife didn't want to have another black car)
    2. Black interior (havanna/sandbeige don't go well with titanium and when having kids, black is the best solution)
    3. 20'' Sport Techno wheels (Porsche paints the inner spoke only, so I didn't want to order painted spokes)
    4. Auxiliary heating system
    5. PCM phone incl. hand piece
    6. Sport seats (front)
    7. Tire pressure control system
    8. Off-road navigation option
    9. Multi-function steering wheel (for phone too)
    10. Fire extinguisher
    11. Second battery
    12. Heat reflecting windows with darker rear area and brake-in protection
    13. Front undercarriage protection plate (sorry, don't know the right english name for it )
    14. Sun roof
    15. Servotronic

    I also saw some interesting winter wheel combos today at my dealer (unfortunately not originally from Porsche ):
    a 20'' winter wheel set with 295/40 winter tires!!! Wow.
    They also have a 20'' set with 275/40 winter tires. Wow again.
    I might go for the 275/40 winter wheels set for next winter because it is the same size as the summer tires. Safety comes first, so maybe I decide to go for the "regular" 18'' Turbo wheels next winter instead.
    I take some pictures tomorrow.

    I didn't take factory delivery because march and april are difficult months for me and I have a lot of work to do, not to speak about spending quality time with the family. Leipzig is too far away from my town (almost 500 km).

    As soon as I have my Cayenne Turbo, I'll post pictures and more details. Til then, please post pictures of your titanium colored Turbos if you own one.

    I was also thinking about getting the Advanced Off-Road Technical Package but it isn't worth it. I'm not an off-roader and the only interesting stuff from this package (undercarriage/engine/fuel reservoir/etc. protection plates) is available as a retrofit from Tequipment.

    I'm back to the Porsche World and I'm very very happy about it.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Congratulations!!!! Thats awesome, i hope you love your Cayenne Turbo!!

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally


    Congrats, i think you made the best choice

    Good luck

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally


    I am sure you won't regret it.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Go RC! I have had Cayenne Turbo on my mind for a long time, especially after I drove one at speed around the Porsche Leipzig track. I was quite impressed, especially after I watched lap after lap of a test driver four-wheel drifting the car.

    I am dissatisfied with my current SUV (an Acura MDX), but the kids love the rear screen DVD, and frankly I enjoy not having to worry about the kids messing it up (I am a freak about keeping any Porsche clean). Also, convincing my wife that I need another car (currently have 3 Porsches and a Mercedes) would take some doing. Nevertheless, I think I will be dumping the Acura soon, and joining you in turboland. Thanks for spending my money.

    Finally, if you haven't been to the Leipzig plant, go. You might want to reconsider factory delivery...

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Congratulations! The countdown begins.

    I agree with you completely about the Advanced Off-Road Technical Package.

    So what was it that made the money work for you?

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    So what was it that made the money work for you?

    I'm not sure...yet. With some luck (and some approval needed from "high up") it might even work better.
    But my signature is already on the contract, the car is ready to roll in march 2004.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Whatever it was, I am happy for you. And I think you will be pleased as well.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Congrats Christian,
    Still not convinced on the styling (and neither are you I am sure ) but it is a very nice car nonetheless, enjoy it! But let's be clear, this is a temporary Porsche before the 997 Turbo right?

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally


    Time for some off-roading with your son

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Yes, Congrats...
    I (we) look forward to the many pics and stories to follow

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Finally, is the right word. Enjoy

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    ....You will love it......Congrats!!! AK

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Congrats RC!!!

    I'm Happy you came back in Porsche Family!!

    This is great for all of us!

    This is a great present for Christmas


    Good color choice, RC


    Sounds like my car. Same color combo. I have the Rinspeed wheels and ruffled leather and some more options.

    I wish we could get a factory phone here. What phone does Porsche offer and what frequency does it operate on? Do you think I can buy the European parts and get it to work in my car in the US?

    Does the "AV" button work in the European cars? I would love to be able to make that button work with some external audio or video feed.

    Thanks for your advice.


    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    I have always secretly wanted you to get a Cayenne Turbo since I've been considering one for myself for some time. Now, many congrats, and I would expect the usual RC style detailed report. I assure you that it will greatly affect my decision for one.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally


    The delivery of mine Cayenne S and for january. I do not see the hour..................

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Welcome back to the club RC

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    This is a picture of mine titanium.
    I'll post some better pics soon

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Congrats!!! You made a great choice!!!
    Can't wait to see it!!

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Congrats Christian,
    Still not convinced on the styling (and neither are you I am sure ) but it is a very nice car nonetheless, enjoy it! But let's be clear, this is a temporary Porsche before the 997 Turbo right?

    i have nothing to add...

    ...just to recapitulate: CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTIAN!

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Congrats as well RC! It's better this way than dutch loophole I proposed

    Congratulations on your new toy Christian !!

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    First at all thanks a lot for your congratulations, guys. I'm really happy to be back to the "Porsche family".
    I try to answer your questions in one single post:
    1. yes, the Cayenne Turbo is a temporary solution until the 997 Turbo shows up. But I want to keep the Cayenne Turbo afterwards and put it on the company.
    2. the PCM phone works on two GSM frequencies, 900 MHz and 1800 Mhz. Unfortunately the US GSM frequency 1900 MHz is not supported. The phone cannot be used in the US.
    3. as far as I know, the AV button doesn't work (yet). A TV(!) option will be available for the PCM next year but unfortunately not for the US market as far as I heard. There are thoughts of a satellite radio option for US customers instead. The TV option will probably use the new DVB-T digital TV standard which completely replaces analogue TV in Europe by 2010. Advantage: only short antennas are needed and the signal doesn't fade during driving (for the rear compartment for example). I also heard the rumor that Exclusive department wants to offer a DVD entertainment system for the Cayenne's rear compartment around 2004 but no details are available yet.
    4. of course I'll write up a full and detailled driving report with lots of pictures as soon as I get the car in march. Just can't wait. My mechanic also awaits my driving report because he knows that I drive my cars a little bit different, he's especially curious about the handling with the 20'' wheels.

    Thanks again for sharing my happiness with me, unfortunately I lost some money on the E55 but I'll never do such a thing again. Once Porsche, always Porsche...this might sound stupid and I never thought I'm gonna say it.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    This is a picture of mine titanium.
    I'll post some better pics soon

    Thanks. Can't wait to see them all.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Congratulations to your great Christmas-present!!!

    I hope you'ss survive the time until March well!

    Save & happy driving,

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    RC, you'll love it! Congratulations!

    Re: Cayenne Turbo - finally

    Congratulations on your new Cayenne!

    I would be highly interested in your final conlcusions about the e55...



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