RC said:
roadtrip said:
wow..the ferrari 599 is a seriously quick car throughout the speed range. i think the tt does well relative to it's price and performance in contrast with seriously more expensive cars. as to the z06 it's a toss up. obviously the z06 is a tremendous value....i'm just not a corvette person.

The Ferrari 599 values are a TYPO. AMS took the Mercedes SLR numbers for the 599 and vice versa.

Who told you this? The numbers are correct (if your statement was correct, my test car with just 100kms on the odometer would have been much faster than the AMS test car)...

I am 100% sure that the 599 numbers are indeed 599 numbers (and not SLR numbers)

P.S.: The text also refers to some test results of the 599, also the 0-250 and 0-200 numbers are nearly identical to those published by Quattroruoute ealier this year, i.e. definitively no typo